11 Quarantine Birthday Ideas & Gifts for internet Friends

Virtual Gifts for internet Friends: A quarantined birthday  (hopefully) will not happen many other times in life and for this reason it will be unforgettable by nature.

Of course, those born in the spring are accustomed to celebrating outside the home taking advantage of the new season, but this does not mean they don’t deserve a party as they should. Even if everyone at home.

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Virtual Gifts for internet Friends – Quarantine Birthday ideas

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The cake at home as a Gifts for internet Friends

The centerpiece of any self-respecting birthday is the cake . But how is quarantined ? Fear not, you will have your sacher, tart or millefeuille it is!

There are many services that prepare and bring home desserts , active throughout Italy with a network of pastry shops located in the various cities. However, you must make sure that the cake that appears “on the window” on the website is available: since many businesses have closed, contact customer service by phone or email to ensure that what you want is possible to be delivered.

Quarantine gift ideas for their birthday continues…

Among the cake delivery services there are many whose associated pastry chefs guarantee the home delivery service in a few hours from ordering online, throughout Italy and even in the world (and also delivered on Sundays ).

Some are instead available only on the national territory and will bring the heart cake to your home between 24 and 48 hours from the order. However, check with the customer service, given the difficult period: just ask the operator in chat for the timing by giving your address and you will know when the cake will arrive.


Virtual surprise parties as a Gifts for internet Friends

Whether it is a surprise party to be celebrated at the birthday boy or a virtual party launched by those who turn their age, it does not matter: it is fundamental to celebrate all together, close even if far away .

Technology allows us, in particular services such as FaceTime apps, WhatsApp, Skype and so on.

Among the most downloaded and popular in this period of home isolation is House Party , an app for iOS and Android systems that allows multiple video calls and top party effects .

So for the blowing of the candles (if you don’t have them you can have them added to the cake for the cake delivery service) custom your smartphone with the right applications. Smartphone, tablet or pc, it depends on what you have or prefer to start the party.


To toast, choose the same beverage in delivery

A nice way to toast all together ? Drink the same drink !

To taste the same wine, uncork the champagne together at the same time and fill the glasses during video calls, book the drink delivery of the same label for all participants in the virtual party.
Among the most popular services stand out Winelivery which delivers wine throughout Italy (for safety check on the website or via app if your city is included but in any case there are all the main ones).


The karaoke party in live streaming

An idea for Gifts for internet Friends is that can turn into absolute fun? The party karaoke live streaming with your friends ! If it is bread for your teeth, then you can indulge yourself by choosing several sites that offer the experience.

From PartyMePlayer to SunflyStreaming , there are many web site for karaoke addict. Choose the one that inspires you the most and start with the vocalizations. Guaranteed fun for you and your friends in streaming, a little less for the neighborhood if you are not too in tune …


The playlist on Spotify to listen to all together like at a party

You are reading gift ideas for quarantine birthday ideas…. A nice idea is to prepare a nice party-goers playlist on Spotify and listen to it with the other guests, to have an additional glue that will join you.

Make a best of the hits that make you more unleashed for the Gifts for internet Friends, so you can also inaugurate the dances: dance more I can not pretend to be with your friends, they too will do the same.

Otherwise if you are sharing the quarantine with someone else in solitary confinement, you can treat yourself to a real dance. With the right music, any type of celebration will be wow.


The surprise flashmob of the balcony neighbours

In this period the ” balcony flashmob ” has become a real artistic subgenre. To surprise those who celebrate their quarantined birthday, send messages to the neighborhood and organize a choreography to amaze the birthday boy or girl .

All you have to do is look out the window to have a living and choral work of art for yourself: exciting, without a doubt.

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The gem? Get his favorite song in tune , for a guaranteed tearful result.


Virtual Gifts for internet Friends with home delivery

Even the gift is a basic element for the success of a birthday. You can choose it online on e-commerce sites and have it delivered to the birthday boy or girl. Or, if you are the birthday boy, have it brought directly to your home.


Gifts to make 3D printed to the birthday boy

If anyone who turns a year owns a 3D printer , then a creative and original idea could be to prepare the gift project, send it to him and have it printed : in this way he will have the gift made by you directly at home, without even needing a courier for the delivery.

There are many free software to create 3D projects. Arm yourself with patience because if you have never designed in 3D it will not be a walk. But it is always a way to learn something new and use time constructively.


Gifts for internet Friends Playing multiplayer video games

Who blows out the candles is a video game fanatic ? And then the online multiplayer game is the party that will most appreciate .
If you love shooter games , you will be spoiled for choice: from Xonotic to Team Fortress 2 , the shooters teem on the net and will make you live breathtaking adventures (literally).


Make-up lessons in streaming to be done together

The best party for women is the one with lipsticks and eye shadows in hand. A make-up party does not have to be lived in the same room: with the online video tutorials available , you can take lessons with friends in videochat.

A glass of wine on which to leave the imprint of the lips made up with lipstick will be the icing on the birthday cake.


A virtual swap party as a Gifts for internet Friends

Via Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp, you can organize an even more alternative party : the virtual swap party ! Let’s start from what is real: a swap party is a party where we exchange accessories, clothes and various objects while listening to good music and sipping a cocktail.

The quarantined version is clearly “everyone at home” but does not mean that it cannot be successful.

Make multiple video calls in which each participant will propose a pair of shoes, a bag or a blouse that they would like to exchange with something else and find with whom and with what to swap.

The real exchange keep it for when the Coronavirus nightmare is finally over: being able to embrace you and give you the dancers of that evening when you had so much fun celebrating your birthday will be a double joy!

And that pair of ballerinas will not only be a birthday present but an indelible memory that will accompany you forever.

Conclusion of Gifts for internet Friends :

These are the best Quarantine birthday ideas and Quarantine gift ideas for 2020 who are staying at home safely during this lockdown. If you have any suggestions on these gifts or ideas kindly let us know in the comment section.

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