Top 10 Thank you Gifts for Birthday Guests Adults 2021

Thank you Gifts for Birthday Guests Adults : You love to share your greatest joys with your family and friends and that’s why you sent birthday invitations to all your loved ones. In a few months, they will discover the location of the ceremony and reception, the birthday decoration that you will have set up, and after having greatly congratulated you will sit down to the table to taste the original birthday menu prepared for them.

Your loved ones, you like to pamper them! Also your birthday will be the opportunity to please them by preparing all kinds of activities. Beyond the birthday entertainment , do not hesitate to offer everyone a small gift to take home to prolong the pleasure of your event.

Thank you Gifts for Birthday Guests Adults

To get you on the track, here are some edible ideas for big foodies to adapt to your desires and the style of your D-Day.

1. Almond Bottle

Maxine Decker

A great classic which is nevertheless always a pleasure: sugared almonds! If you have sent chic and traditional birthday invitations to your loved ones, a ballotin of sugared almonds will be the perfect gift.

If it is a little expected sweetness, however, we are not used to consuming it on a daily basis , and receiving it on the occasion of a birthday is always pleasing.

2. Crystallized flowers

Violet & Berlingot

You who have adopted the rustic birthday decoration as an obvious choice will inevitably be seduced by this idea of ​​candy.

The crystallized flowers are a candy made up of small edible and untreated flowers (rose petals, violets, pansies, begonias,…) covered with a mixture of egg white and powdered sugar hardened in the oven. Result: delightful bucolic sweets !

3. Chocolate

Wedding chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most popular delicacies. On the occasion of your union, favor small individual presentations like the famous Neapolitans and always prefer a controlled provenance, organic and fair trade chocolate.

Have fun personalizing the packaging of the chocolates with birthday quotes or according to the style and colors of your theme.

4. Jams

Pauline Lecomte Photographs

Turn to homemade jams,  small individual glass jars that you will distribute to your guests . Nothing like artisan jam for spreads full of flavor.

You will certainly find a small producer of organic jams near you!

5. Honey

So Happy!  Events

Honey is both tasty and rich in health benefits. Encourage eco-responsible producers by choosing local honey produced with respect for nature.

Did you know that there are many varieties of honey? Let your loved ones discover raspberry honey from the Pyrenees, lavender honey from the Luberon or sunflower honey from the Ile de Ré.

6. Personalized cookies

Shanty Biscuits

Want to make your guests smile with an original birthday gift ? Nothing like personalized sweets. This is particularly the case with cookies that can be customized by applying messages and / or small drawings to them.

All you have to do is let your imagination run wild, always respecting the style of your reception.

7. Sweets


Sweets are among the most regressive treats. If they have a reputation for not being good for your health, know that it is always possible to turn to artisanal options, far from chemical flavors. Think for example of delicious berlingots, caramels, barley sugar, nougats, or even charentais broken wood!

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Customized Thank you Gifts for Birthday Guests Adults 2020

To honor the presence of your guests, nothing like welcoming them on your 31. A beautiful birthday suit will enhance your appearance. A birthday dress that matches your style will make you shine brightly.

Everyone is happy about nice gifts, whether it’s their birthday or not. Small things are often enough to make others happy. Is it your birthday soon and have invited a few friends? Then surprise them with small gifts that you can take home with you after the party. This can be something bought, homemade or baked. Do you have a dinner together, where you cook and everyone is assigned a fixed place on the table? Then combine the place card with a small gift:

Make beautiful bracelets for your friends. Your celebration will remain in your memory for a long time.

  • Guardian angel to take away: Everyone can use a guardian angel. And even if your guests don’t believe in something like that, the little angels look pretty and can be used as decorations in different places. Depending on the size, the angel on the keychain can bring happiness on all paths or watch over its owner from the shelf at home. 

    Little angels made of pearls are particularly pretty. These are only a few centimeters tall and can even be made with a little skill. Simply attach a name card to each angel and place it in the places of your guests will suit the best Thank you Gifts for Birthday Guests Adults.
  • Your garden is overflowing with delicious fruit and you don’t even know where to go with all the cooked treats? Create pretty labels for your mason jars on which the names of the guests are written. 

    Every guest gets such a glass of fruity jam or delicious jelly at their place. In a round without a seating arrangement, you can arrange the glasses on the table and design a sign that asks the guests to take a glass with them.
  • Are you having a girls’ evening for your birthday and all your friends are to receive a gift? Then just make beautiful bracelets. There are countless options for this. You can make very simple bracelets from elastic fabric (ideally cotton jersey). Cut it into strips about 2 cm wide. It is best to cut the fabric in the direction of the pattern, i.e. parallel to the edge of the fabric (not parallel to the edge at which the fabric was cut in the store). 

    If you then pull on the strip of fabric, it rolls up, with the beautiful side of the fabric facing outwards. Now you can easily weave a bracelet out of several rolls of fabric. You decide whether it should wrap around your wrist once, twice or three times. You can do without a clasp for longer bracelets. Make a tight knot and simply cut off the protruding ends. For shorter bracelets, you can use jewelry clasps from the craft store. 

    Of course you can also warp the bracelets with pretty pearls or pendants as a Thank you Gifts for Birthday Guests Adults. If you like it a little more complicated, you can of course also use leather straps or sew fabric bracelets that can be closed with press studs.
  • For a big party with many guests, for example for your 50th birthday, you can always use your bought giveaways. Personalized chocolate beans are a sweet option for individual favors. Have them printed with the name of the birthday child and a small symbol or the date of birth. 

    Each guest receives a bag of colorful chocolate beans, which are reminiscent of the anniversary and the beautiful celebration. In small organza bags with pretty pendants you can also use this giveaway as a place card.

Thank you Gifts for Birthday Guests – Children

While it is not widespread to give small presents for adults’ birthdays, the little things for guests at the children’s birthday must not be missing. Here it is practically in good spirits to hand out small bags with nice surprises for the children at the end of a nice celebration.

 Bags with a few sweets, flummies or whistles are not very imaginative. Especially when birthdays are more frequent, such things quickly lose their appeal and end up in a corner in the children’s room. It is nicer when the children take home little things with them. Of course, the first thing that matters is the amount of effort you want to put up with the giveaways. 

It is great for the children if they can design their own favors. So you also have an employment idea for the birthday party. Here are a few ideas for craft ideas where the kids can take the results home:

  • Paint plain T-shirts or cloth bags with textile pencils
  • Embellish white cups with porcelain stickers or markers
  • Shared photos: Each child is photographed with the birthday child, the pictures are printed out. In the end, every child can take a framed photo with them. The frames can be decorated
  • Animals tinker with polymer clay or salt dough
  • Glue wooden boxes with gemstones

Customized Thank you Gifts for Birthday Guests 2020

Of course, there are also bought things that make children’s hearts beat faster for a long time. What matters most is the age group of the children, what is well received and what is not. Younger children are happy about Pixi books. With around one euro per book, they are really cheap. 

Small puzzles are also popular. You can get this for about two euros. It is nice when the presents take up the theme of the birthday again. For example, on a wizard’s birthday, you can give a magic wand to every little magician. Little princesses get glittering hair clips on the way. Put the presents together with a few sweets in small bags and the giveaways are ready.

Decorated flower pots are not only popular with balcony owners as a Thank you Gifts for Birthday Guests Adults.

Little things instead of a big gift

You are invited to the birthday, but the birthday child does not want gifts? That shouldn’t stop you from packing a nice present. The classic is a bottle of wine. You can open and enjoy them together in the evening. Cake-pops, for example, are a little more creative. These small cakes on a stick are quickly made and also look great with icing and colorful sugar pearls. 

Other delicacies from the kitchen are also well received and are sometimes quick to make. How about apple chips? For this, apples are removed from the cores and cut into thin slices. Put the apple slices in lemon water for aroma and against discoloration. Then the slices must be drained well. If they are dry, it is best to spread them on baking paper. 

The apple slices have to dry here for a few days. Apply them regularly. As a souvenir, pack the apple slices in transparent bags, which you can decorate with wash-tape, ribbons and stickers. Does the birthday child have a balcony? Then give away a pretty flower or a vegetable plant. Sunflowers put you in a good mood and tomatoes also thrive in balcony boxes. Decorate the pot to your heart’s content and the souvenir is ready. These are all the best Thank you Gifts for Birthday Guests Adults 2020.

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