12 Inexpensive Gifts for Woman Who Has Everything

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From the golden money counting machine to the species-saving animal adoption: Those who are actually not given presents are happy about these gifts.

This one person is on every gift list. Which, to put it briefly, is simply impossible to give. This type of woman or man who always seems to have the latest and greatest of everything. That makes it a daunting task to want to buy them something.

But just because this person may have the most expensive watch, the latest interior trend or the latest designer shoes doesn’t mean that they know every product in the world. Let alone already owns.

That is why it is important to find a particularly creative, unique, limited or sustainable gift. Sounds impossible? Not with these twelve shopping ideas.

Weekender from Away

Ideal for the weekend trip.  Source: Away

With extra compartments

Ideal for the weekend trip.(Photo: Away)

Practical as a duffel bag and as noble as a classic briefcase. The trendsetter luggage brand Away offers not only large and small suitcases for travel, but also the ideal weekend trip bag made of leather and canvas. With extra compartments for change shoes and laptop – if you plan to carry the bag to the office during the week.

Inexpensive Gifts for Woman Who Has Everything

Art by Basquiat

The popular toy bears come from Japan.  Your price can vary greatly depending on the sample and edition.  Source: Medicom Toys

“Bearbrick” with a basquiat pattern

The popular toy bears come from Japan. Your price can vary greatly depending on the sample and edition.(Photo: Medicom Toys)

Who wouldn’t want to own something of the exceptional artist Jean-Michel Basquiat? This limited “Bearbrick” toy , an almost 30 centimeter high, artistically painted bear figure, was created in collaboration with the foundation of the graffiti artist, who died in 1988 at the age of only 27. Not only will it increase in value each year, but the cooperation is also much cheaper to buy than a “real” Basquiat artwork.

Ben Baller money counter

There are only 400 copies of the gold-look money counter.  Source: Ben Baller

“NTWRK Bill Counter Gold”

There are only 400 copies of the gold-look money counter.(Photo: Ben Baller)

If the person you want to buy a gift for likes to throw bills around you, then this gift might suit your taste. Even more so if it was gold-plated and designed in collaboration with the popular jewelry designer Ben Baller .

Wine carrier bag by Graf Lant z

The designer bag ensures that the noble drop maintains its temperature.  Source: Count Lantz

“Duo Gray” tote bag

The designer bag ensures that the noble drop maintains its temperature.(Photo: Graf Lantz)

For the wine connoisseur on the gift list: This stylish tote bag by Graf Lantz made of Merino wool is useful when you bring your favorite Cabernet or Merlot to a housewarming party, dinner or park picnic. liking Inexpensive Gifts for Woman Who Has Everything?

Airbnb gift card

More than modern "couch surfing".  Source: Airbnb

Airbnb design apartment in Melbourne

More than modern “couch surfing”.(Photo: Airbnb)

Since the online portal started in 2019 with its own boutique hotels and surprisingly innovative overnight offers in the luxury segment, Airbnb has long since ceased to offer modern “couch surfing” in private apartments. So if you want to give a gift to a frequent traveler, you can give away a voucher to redeem for extravagant hotels from California to Berlin, or of course for the “down-to-earth” offer from Airbnb .

Blankets by Catharina Mende

Catharina Mendes designs have distinctive geometric patterns.  Source: Catharina Mende

Decoration accents

Catharina Mendes’ designs have distinctive geometric patterns.(Photo: Catharina Mende)

The merino scarves and throws – with the unmistakable geometric patterns – are suitable either as a decorative accent in the home or as a cozy blanket on long-haul flights. The designer Catharina Mende grew up in northern Germany, and her collections are made with the highest quality silk in Italy.

Larq self-cleaning water bottle

Cleaning at the push of a button.  Source: LARQ

LARQ water bottle

Cleaning at the push of a button.(Photo: LARQ)

More on Inexpensive Gifts for Woman Who Has Everything. Something for the health-conscious: thanks to a Kickstarter project, the world’s first water bottle that cleans itself was launched . The stainless steel bottle, according to the Silicon Valley company, is intended to counteract the dependence on single-use plastic. At the push of a button, the water in the bottle is cleaned every four hours using UVC radiation.

Sneakers from Allbirds

Sustainability meets stylish design.  Source: Allbirds

Allbirds running shoes

Sustainability meets stylish design.(Photo: Allbirds)

The label advertises that it is the cashmere sweater for the feet and the “Time Magazine” calls them the “most comfortable shoes in the world”. World improver Leonardo DiCaprio has already invested in the company from San Francisco and is now also available in Germany. Because the manufacturers of the emerging sneaker brand Allbirds rely on renewable raw materials: wool from merino sheep, but also sugar cane and eucalyptus fiber . Stylish design included.

Adoptions at WWF

Anyone who supports endangered species will receive a plush toy on top.  Source: WWF

WWF plush toy

Anyone who supports endangered species will receive a plush toy on top.(Photo: WWF)

If you want to go one step further in terms of world improvement, you can give away animal adoption instead of a classic gift. At WWF , you can support an endangered species from just $ 55 – from whales or lemurs to penguins that are among the last of their kind. So that you can still give something at Christmas, a miniature is sent as a cuddly toy with a certificate.

Schott s hodgepodge

Useful and absurd.

Bookcover of “Schott’s Sammelsurium”

Useful and absurd.

The author Ben Schott provides 158 pages with answers to questions that you would never have asked in life. With this book, which collects absurdities and useful knowledge , he really only wanted to give his friends a Christmas gift. In the meantime, the smorgasbord belongs under the Christmas tree to everyone who not only has everything else, but also wants to have the last word.

Birch perfume

An insider tip from Berlin.  Source: Birkholz

“Lady Cannabis”

An insider tip from Berlin.(Photo: Birkholz)

They are called “Lady Cannabis” or “Sir Santal”, the extravagant fragrance creations by the Berlin manufacturer are still a real insider tip. In addition to their fragrances, they also offer fragrance concepts for weddings and workshops to find the individual perfume.

Deodorant subscription from Helmm

Sustainable deodorant concept without an “eco image”.  Source: Helmm

High quality leather cover

Sustainable deodorant concept without an “eco image”.(Photo: Helmm)

Aluminum-free, refillable in a high-quality leather case and to be ordered on a monthly basis: The deodorant from the US brand refutes the “eco image” of sustainable cosmetics. Because many men criticize that pollutant-free deodorants would not work sufficiently – unlike the reviews for Helmm. And if you are no longer interested in the refill packages as a subscription, the brand containers can be completely recycled.

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