Present for Pregnant Friend not For Baby – First Time Gifts

Your friend will soon become a mother and you have to choose a present for pregnant friend not for baby? Then this article helps you to pick the best birthday gifts for a pregnant woman for the first time. Also read: Gifts for parents who have lost their baby.

The best present for pregnant friend and not for baby is a pregnant dress. Yes, you heard it right. Do you know every month when your pregnant friend tummy increases in size she has to keep buying new clothes. So, getting a best dress for pregnant woman is the best gift that you can give at anytime between the 0-9 months time frame.

We will suggest you pamper her a little more with some excellent pregnant friend gift ideas below !

Present for Pregnant Friend not for Baby

Present for Pregnant Friend not For Baby

The  advent calendar for pregnancy  is an original and different idea to accompany the expectant mother up to the thirty-eighth week with scratch boxes for  suggestions  and lots of advice on what she can do or useful things to know. 

pregnant woman usually suffers from sleep disturbances and the growing belly can cause a lot of inconvenience . For this reason, a  pregnancy pillow is a great gift idea : it will help your friend get into the right position when she sleeps. Furthermore, the pillow is also useful when the baby is born because it can be used for breastfeeding .

Why not give her a  diary where she can write her  thoughts in this period of sweet expectation? It is a great way to remember the goals achieved, the sensations of the first ultrasound scans, the heartbeat, the baby’s first kicks.

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You can help your future mother friend prepare for the big day with a good book on childbirth and the first months of the baby, you can find many in many online bookstores or in stores such as Feltrinelli, Mondadori or Amazon.

If your friend’s pregnancy takes place in the winter, you can pamper her with a cup with a nice writing that she can use to drink a tea or a warm relaxing herbal tea. Choose a model that is microwave safe and dishwasher safe. You can also decide to fill it with small gifts such as essential oils, creams or treats.

What to Present your pregnant Woman

We all know, a gift card is  always a very welcome gift for your newly present for pregnant friend not baby. The gift card is the classic purchase voucher and consists of a prepaid card that many shops offer. You can choose an amount and load it into the card that the expectant mother will use to buy what she wants.

They are very comfortable because your friend can use it to buy what she wants, something she needs for the baby on the way or simply a gift to pamper herself. The gift card is a more elegant alternative to the envelope with money inside and is also one of the most useful gifts for a pregnant woman.

The diaper cake

Diaper cake is not eaten, but it is a very useful gift that you can also make yourself. Just arm yourself with patience and roll up the diapers to form a cake to decorate with ribbons, toys for the baby or products for his hygiene.

The diapers will need to be placed around a support such as a plastic cake plate and rigid tube.

Towels and bibs

Every mom knows: there are never too many towels and bibs. A lot of them are used to dry the baby after bath time and to protect the baby’s clothes from sudden regurgitation.

So a very useful gift for all future mothers could be a colorful set of towels and bibs, choose the most colorful you find and remember that they must be soft and easily washable. Often you will find the coordinated mini bathrobe with the same pattern.

Different gift than usual: non-toxic nail polish

Thinking about the baby on the way is the first thought, but why not pamper mom with something special to make her feel beautiful and special? Pregnancy increases weight, but you could give her cosmetics specially designed for pregnant women such as non-toxic nail polish.

Traditional glazes have a high degree of toxicity and can therefore be harmful to the little one. This is one of the best present for pregnant friend not baby.

Pregnant Gift Box

If you like creative gifts, why not try making your own box? Inside, you can put various items related to your friend’s pregnancy, such as a mug with a funny message, a rattle as a gift for the baby, a body cream for pregnancy and some envelopes in which to write letters addressed to the future baby. Let your imagination go!

The Pregnancy Album

It’s a fun idea that has become fashionable! It consists of giving or creating a pregnancy album for the future mother. In it you will be able to write down the appointments with the gynecologist, keep the baby’s ultrasound scans, write down his thoughts and reflections, note in the diary when each month of gestation ends, etc. A beautiful memory for a lifetime!

Maternity Beauty Kit

There are many specific beauty products that the pregnant woman needs: cream for stretch marks, moisturizers without chemicals, almond oil to soften the skin, gels to relieve tired legs … Why don’t you prepare for your friend a kit with essential beauty products in pregnancy? This one is the best present for pregnant friend not for baby!

Maternity Clothing Gifts

Even if your friend tells you she doesn’t need anything, that at the moment she uses the clothes she has, she can’t wait to get something new to wear. Today there are beautiful maternity dresses, very modern, comfortable and adapted to the needs of pregnancy. You can dare and be the first to give a maternity item of clothing to the expectant mother.

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Belly Painting Session

Is your friend or family member a creative person who likes to try new things? Don’t think twice and give her a baby bump painting session so that a professional can paint her tummy when she is in a more advanced state of gestation. It will be a beautiful memory that you will never forget!

Framed Ultrasound of Baby

If the expectant mother has already gone for an ultrasound, it may be a nice and cuddly idea to present it to her framed and with a sweet message. This will keep the memory of one of the baby’s first ultrasounds. To be able to have it, you will only have to seek the complicity of his partner or a close relative.

Baby Photo Session

If the future mother is a lover of the pose and is not ashamed to be photographed with her belly, you can give her a professional photo shoot that can be done during pregnancy. The session can be more intimate or more formal, depending on what you want.

Baby Shower

Be inspired by the VIPs and organize a baby shower for the future mother! For the meeting, call the closest friends, the relatives you would like to have next to you and let yourself be carried away by the imagination. The party will be a pleasant event in which to have fun and bring many small gifts to the expectant mother: for sure she will be happy!

Your best friend is pregnant for First Time?

Watching your best friend become a parent can be a beautiful but also a weird experience . Let’s be real: you could look at the person who drank canned wine with you during your college years or leave for Erasmus become responsible for a little human being.

The first time one of your close friends has a child, you can get a closer look at the reality of new parenting. Being next to your friend as he enters his new role as a parent can lead you to imagine what the transition to parenting would be like for yourself. Sometimes, that vision is very different from the reality you are looking at your friend’s experience. Below, I’ve put together some tips on how to consider this experience, which can be challenging and thrilling, but also unsettling and uncomfortable.

Having an intimate and close view of new parenting is nothing but real. See the love and joy of your friend watching his baby grow and learn about the world every day. And you also witness the challenges of sleepless nights, problems with breastfeeding, and managing or marrying a baby at home . Living part of this journey indirectly through your friend can strike a maternal cord deep within you. But it can also scare the hell out of the idealized version of parenting. Both are normal and OK.

You may feel overwhelmed seeing the reality of everyday parenting and this is normal. Parenting is a huge commitment that can seem tiring and complicated at times.

Seeing your best friend become a parent can also suddenly open up alternative views of parenting for you.

Seeing your best friend starting a family can suddenly help you feel more excited about what having children could be like for you. It might help you more tangibly imagine what it would be like to start a family on your own. On the flip side of watching a friend become a mom, chances are that at some point in your life, you’ll watch someone struggle to create a family they desperately want.

About 10% of women and 12-15% of couples have infertility problems. Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive naturally within one year of having unprotected sex or, if you are over 35, after six months of spontaneous non-conception. Most infertility problems in people who have a uterus and vagina are caused by irregular or absent ovulation . For those with penis, infertility tends to be caused by sperm having problems with shape, size, or motility.

When we are younger, it can be difficult for us to fully understand the impact fertility challenges can have on a person and potentially their relationship. However, when we support a good friend or sibling who deeply hopes to become a parent but is struggling , we get a much sharper feeling of the pain, frustration, and disappointment that come with the inability to conceive. Share this article on “present for pregnant friend not baby” with your friends.

Of course this experience can make you consider your own fertility for the first time, perhaps in a very real way. It’s hard to imagine what infertility might be like until we’ve seen someone we know face it head on.

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