Gifts for Parents Who Have Lost a Child/Baby ūüė≠ to overcome their Grief

Losing a child is an incredibly painful experience and very difficult to understand unless it is experienced firsthand. Choosing a gift for mourning parents during the difficult period after the death of a child is one way of offering support through a gesture of kindness.

Photo memories

Photographs are the best way to remember a loved one, and websites like Imagekind and Shutterfly offer various ways to create beautiful photographic memories. Make a photo collage of parents with their child during happy times, and have them framed, framed and wrapped directly by the website. Other photo memory options include photo books, prints, souvenir boxes and even photoshow DVDs.

Mourning needle

The pin is a subtle and elegant way to let parents who have lost a child show their grief and show support for other grieving families. The pin consists of an upside-down heart, which represents grief, and a diamond pattern, which represents hope. The pin is worn upside down during mourning to symbolize a loss, but it can be returned to its place when the wearer begins to heal.

To plant a tree

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A wonderful gift for bereaved parents is to have a tree planted in memory of the child they lost.¬†The US Forest Service’s Plant-A-Tree program helps parents remember their child with a memorial that will last hundreds of years.¬†Planting a tree only requires a donation of ¬£ 6 and parents will receive a certificate and may even specify that the tree was planted as a souvenir.

Name a star

Another thoughtful way to offer the gift of eternal memory to parents who have lost a child is to name a star in honour of the child’s memory.¬†The International Star Registry offers star name gift packages that include a beautiful framed certificate and a copyright protected name with location contact information.¬†Parents and family members can use a telescope and contact information to look up into the sky and see the star named after the loved one. This could be the best gifts for parents who have lost their baby child before birth.

Create a commemorative web page

While a commemorative web page may seem like a less conventional gift to bereaved parents, creating a place where friends and family can share fond memories and express love can also be a very comforting experience.¬†Many sites allow you to create free home pages, and Facebook even allows you to create memorial pages for people who have died.¬†Create a memorial page and invite all of the child’s friends and family to post photos and comments, then show the parents a card with the web address.

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Basic supplies

Offer to help the grieving parent with basic daily tasks. Buy a gift card for a local grocery store or bring supplies to parents’ home. Bring on homemade meals for the grieving family to eat or provide gift cards for the restaurants they love. Contact a housekeeping or cleaning service and arrange for them to visit the parents’ house for a house cleaning. Take their dirty laundry home to wash or drop their clothes off at a dry cleaner. Ask parents if there are any other errands that need to be run or any household items they need.

Memorial Donation

As the saying goes ‘The more you give, The more you get’, One of the best gifts for parents who have lost their child is to Donate to a charity in memory of the child’s parents.¬†Consider giving to a local hospice or hospice service, as many local charities often offer a commemorative token where money is donated after a death.¬†national charities such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation accept memorial donations as well and typically send memorial cards to grieving parents, upon request, letting them know that money has been given to honor their lost child .

Gift Treats

Provide parents with beautiful simple items, to help them relax and learn to enjoy life. Buy a gift card at a local salon or spa, or give a small item as a new fragrance, a sweet pajama or a funny movie. Offer to arrange a short vacation for the grieving parents so that they have something to wait for in the coming months, or plan a vacation for you and the grieving parent at a place you’ve always wanted to go together, but you be sure to discuss your idea with parents before making any specific plans.


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One of the most precious gifts for parents who have lost their child is you the gift of your time. Offer to spend time taking care of all older children to allow parents time to complete other tasks or to cry in private. Give your time to help parents make phone calls or write thank you letters to those who sent gifts. Travel to the airport to pick up loved ones and far from friends who come to town for the funeral. Let the parents know that you are always listening to their concerns.

These are the best gifts for parents who have lost their child or baby. If you have any suggestions on it kindly let us know in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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