100+ Going Away to College Gifts for Best Friends 2021

This huge collection of 100+ Going Away to College Gifts for Best Friends article will help you find the perfect present that you’re looking for your friend who is moving away to college. Missing that one best friend with whom you have made so much of memories together in college? If I’m right then this goodbye moving away to college gifts for best friend is exactly for you.

There’s a famous proverb from India by BUDDHA that goes as ‘The root of suffering is attachment‘. The solution for your emotion is just right in your mind within you but how? Also read: Wedding gift for employee.

Giving the best gift for the person whom you miss will create Dopamine within your brain that is really going to calm all your unhappy feelings. Yes, you heard me right. But that doesn’t mean you have to give the right gift for them, it could be anything that makes them happy. So, Let me list down the farewell goodbye gifts for best friends going away to college below : (Gifts for bedridden)

going away to college gifts for best friends

100 Goodbye Going Away to College Gifts for Best Friends 2021

Besties Forever Wine Glass

What could top our list is this beautiful and affordable wine glass imprinted with a small cute love symbol and the text ‘Besties Forever‘. Doesn’t this looks awesome? But that’s not about it, you can use this to have your last peg with them as a memory of a sending off toast to their new home or work location.

Buy Besties Forever Glass

Cute Linen Towel Gift

Linen towel amazon giftHow clever it is to gift your going away best friend with a small and cute towel. Whenever they are going to wash their face and look at the mirror the next thing they are going to see is your linen towel gift that they’re going to shove it on their face with a smile. Sounds lovely right?

Buy Linen Towel Gift

Small Hinged Wooden Box

Wooden box gift for friendBest gift to make your friend miss you daily but how? Ask them to use this compact wooden box gift for placing paper clips and stationary items in his office that’s going right away in front of their working desk.

Buy Hinged Wooden Box

Friendship Pillow Cover Gift

friendship pillow going away giftHow about gifting your moving away friend with a cool pillow cover? They’re definitely going to hang it on their most prestigious wall or stuff them with fill-ins and use as their pillow inside their personal bed room.

Buy Custom Pillow Cover

Stainless Steel Friendship Keychain

Friendship Keychain giftDo you want to stay close to their heart forever? Then how about gifting this high quality stainless steel friendship keychain along with a leather pouch which they’re going to keep it in their shirt pocket. If you are confused of what to gift your friend good bye then this is an all time favourite gift that won’t go wrong ever.

Buy Friendship Keychain Gift

Bracelet for Friend

friendship bracelet giftTell your friend ‘Brace Yourself‘ and just present this non-rusting stainless steel adjustable bracelet as a gift for her farewell. This comes with a affordable price and doesn’t turn your skin into green even after a rough usage.

Buy Bracelet For her

Guestbook with a Story Gift

farewell gift for friendPour all your heart through soft words and your team members into this hard goodbye guest book. This fits in perfectly if your friend or boss is retiring from your office and leaving behind beautiful memories alone with you.

Buy GuestBook Gift

Thank you Farewell Card

farewell goodbye card giftEven though it’s an old school way of sending away your friend, Gifting a send off card never gets old. Don’t you think an over-sized card inside a sturdy folder in perfect condition would be the best going away present for best friend that you can give to your over-loved friend? The image on the card speaks 1000 words about your care for your pal.

Buy Farewell Gift Card

Hand Painted KeepSake Box

Hand printed keepsake boxThis one is THE best hand sculpt keepsake box to hide their treasures inside shipped from one of the best seller from Amazon. There’s also a sentiment dialogue written at the bottom of the box that goes as ‘Forever True, Forever Friends‘. This one expresses your true love towards to whomever you present this gift as it is a hand crafted one.

Buy Handcrafted Keepsake Box

LED Moon Lamp Ball

LED moon lamp presentLet your love for your moving away friend shine through forever with this beautiful 16 coloured LED ball which is perfectly suited for any ambience. This comes with a rechargeable battery and a apt gift for any send of occasion such as anniversary, birthday, wedding, thanksgiving and Christmas eve. The remote works from a distance of 30 ft. just like your faraway relationship to be.

                                            Buy LED Moon Ball Gift

White Ceramic Jewellery Dish

jewellery dish plateThis hand written sentiment dish might directly go to their kitchen where your friend is going to place their ring trinket in it before washing their face or hair. Made with pure ceramic and comes with a well packed styrofoam box. Let your friend spoil this beautiful white dish.

Buy White Ceramic Plate

Luxurious Friendship Blanket Gift

Friendship blanket giftIf you have a conventional idea of gifting them a flower that’s anyways going to fade away in a day then stop thinking about that. Gift your moving away friend something that doesn’t fade so quickly. Let them feel your hug every time when they’re covered inside your comfy blanket gift.

Buy Luxurious Blanket Gift

Sticky Notes With a Note

goodbye friend gift noteWhen your friend has moved away from you, the life feels dull. But, there’s a way to turn it colourful. Yes, gift them this colourful sticky notes and page marker which comes with a sentiment quoted holder.

Buy Colourful Stickies Gift

Stainless Steel Coffee Spoon

farewell gift for daughterYour to-be-missed person is a hardcore coffee lover? Yes, no wonder that 70% of the working community of Americans spend their time in coffeeshops. Let this beautiful spoon mix your love along with the sugar inside their cup of heart.

Buy Espresso Spoon Gift

Funny Coasters Pack Gift

coaster friendship giftYour friend is relocating from you and definitely he’s going to need a pair of coasters. This is the perfect goodbye gift to your going away friend because when they open this pack, a sense of humour will make them laugh hard to remove all of their sadness.

Buy Funny Coasters Gift

Are you tired of the list? Common, this is just the beginning of the top rated best gift for friends going away to college from you. Keep scrolling until you find a perfect gift for them.

Lovely Photo Frame Gift

gifts for friends moving awayPerfect gift for a close person of you leaving miles away from you but smiles every time looking at this cute sturdy frame of love. Let your farewell gift be forever gift with this photo frame present.

Buy Photo Frame Gift

Sturdy Primitive Sign Box

going away gifts for friendsIt’s not too big, not too small just like your friendship. Let this stand alone primitive box with a sign saying ‘You and I are more than friends we’re like a really small gang‘ sit on your boss or friend’s kitchen who’s already sent away from you. 

Buy Photo Frame Gift

Strong Uplifting Bracelet

keep strong moving away giftJust like your strong friend who is good at their work, this piece of strong smooth finished bracelet with an uplifting quote makes the best pair for your moving away friend or co-worker. This fits perfectly on their hand and hey who doesn’t love jewellery?

Buy Friendship Bracelet Gift

Forever Friends Photo Holder

friendship photo holder clipHave a lot of memories to give them while they’re going away from you? Just found your perfect farewell gift for your friend. This lovely photo stand along with a clip holder can hold upto 3 photos of you and your friend together.

Buy Forever Friends Photo Stand

Interlocked Pendant Necklace

interlocked love pendant giftWow, Interlocked stainless steel pretty pendant to your loved ones. I’m damn sure they’re not going to take this off form their neck ever just for the adorable look of it. And guess what, unlike your love this comes at an a affordable price to buy.

Buy Interlocked Pendant Necklace

Aromatic Scented Candle Set

candle gift set for friendsThese non toxic aromatic candles comes with different flavours of scents to relieve stress for your friend leaving you. Let these candles brighten up their dull life for this Christmas, order them now…

Buy Candle Set Gift

Handmade Natural Chimes

chimes set giftYour friend is going to long for you and you have a chance let them hang this long beautiful hand made natural pebbled chimes in their new home. Every time it shines light from the window and the pleasant chimes is definitely make them miss you 100 times more.

Buy Handmade Natural Chimes

Customisable Ring for Women

friendship ring giftAre you going to miss holding her hands together? No, problem let this customisable non alergitic stainless steel ring hold her fingers forever. Whenever they’re going to wipe her tears the first thing they would see is your gift on your friend’s finger that’s definitely going to bring smile on their face.

Buy Customisable Ring Gift

Wine Glass for Coworker

going away wine glass giftThere’s always one co-worker in every gang who keeps talking about leaving the company and getting a better job elsewhere. This is a perfect item for your partner left you behind from your office to a new workspace which he always dreamt of.

Buy Wine Glass Gift

Pen Holder with Clock

Pen holder friendship giftA stylish holder gift for your moving away friendship could be the apt gift that you can give for his goodbye. It also has a small clock which makes them to think of you every time it ticks in front of him on their office table.

Buy Pen Holder Gift

Moodycards Funny Dogs Pic

moodycards for farewell giftThis is a beautiful piece of gift for your coworker if they’re a dog lover. This isn’t a calendar but a collection of 6 funny images of dogs with a hilarious note on it. Best accessory for your moving away coworker to place it on their new workspace table. And hey who said dogs can’t speak?

Buy MoodyCards Picture Gift

Funny Notepads with Pictures

funny notepad for coworkerThese are a great collection of notepads with a funny image on top depicting the life your coworker has been going through for these days. They have a total of 50 pages with good quality pages. It brings smile to any face who’s looking at it during their stressful work and a perfect gift if your move-away friend is a humorous type of person.

Buy Funny Notepad Gift

Boss Lady Travel Mug

boss lady travel mugDoes’t matter you love or hate your boss, but when it’s time for their farewell then you ought to respect for what they have done for you through their work. This cool travel mug with a golden top with a writing ‘Boss Lady‘ on it could be the perfect send off gift for the boss in your company.

Buy Travel Mug Gift

Stress relieving Dammit Doll

dammit doll for coworkerStress causes problem to every working person regardless of their nature of work or company. Scientists believe that the theory ‘Cute Aggression‘ can cure these stress and that’s exactly what you’re going to gift them. These cute looking dammit doll are sturdy and funny that it helps your stressed friend to instantly relieve from stress.

Buy Dammit Doll Gift

Keep Calm Notepad Gift

keep calm poster for coworkerDoes your going away to college best friend deal with spreadsheet in a regular work basis? Then this is the best gift for him/her. It has a 10 pages thin notepad with a quote on it’s cover saying ‘Keep calm, I have a spreadsheet for that‘. Gifting something of a person’s interest and field is more relatable and worthy.

Buy Keep Calm Notepad

Motivational Key Chain Strap

keychain for moving coworkerHow about a gift that gives your coworker a small inspiration to move on with their job and career? Yes, this perfect key straps with motivational quotes will definitely uplift their mood whenever they feel down. These comes with a pack of 12 chains with a sturdy keyring.

Buy Key Chain Gift

Fitness Water Bottle Gift

fitness bottle giftBeing a workaholic, your friend might not worry much about their health and science says that drinking ample amount of water and being hydrated daily could resolve 65% of your health issues. That’s right, gift them a big bottle with markings on it so they could keep them fit though out the entire day.

Buy Fitness Water Bottle

Leather ID Badge Holder

leather lanyard badgeNew work, New place, New friends and how about gifting a new lanyard? This high quality premium leather strap comes with a yogic paintings on it. Additionally they provide a keychain light attached to it. Behind the badge holder there’s a pouch to store their important visiting cards and cash.

Buy Lanyard Badge Holder Gift

Predict a Pen for Friend.

moving away pen giftIs you office friend sits around the table and spends most of his time with pen and notes? Then this could be the present what you’re looking for. When they spin the back of the pen it keeps changing the quotes for your thoughts and question. This high tech pen comes with an affordable price as well.

Buy Prediction Pen Gift

Productivity Manager & Planner

monthly planner diaryEvery life is a perfectly planned one by nature. Some hard progress are made by breaking them down in to step by step, day-by-day one step progress. This premium high quality monthly planner will let your friend to achieve his/her goal and accomplish their goal of 2020.

Buy Productivity Planner Gift

Shakespeare’s Insult Mug

shakesphere mugs for friendsThere’s a pun intended when you read about the insult quotes from the legend William Shakespeare. A bunch of his insult quote on this quote sitting on your moving friend’s new office table will bring smile whenever he just looks at it. It’s that cool present to give your friend.

Buy Insult Mug Gift

Hey buddies, Select a gift for my going away to college best friend, it’s very confusing to me..! haha..

Wow, you’re almost there. Not many people are so confused in selecting a farewell gift for your friend who is moving-away overseas but you’re one such a gem. Below I’m going to hand pick few gifts especially for a going away friend to have a good Goodbye. Kindly note that i’ve spent lot of effort into this article and I’d request you to share this among your friends and family. Thank you.

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Best Going Away to College Gifts for Best Friends

If you’re reading this then i’m sure you haven’t made your mind for the perfect gift. That’s understandable because presents are something that we buy only when we feel the ‘Aha moment‘. Don’t worry i’m now going to list down the specially picked presents for friends shifting to a new neighbourhood.

How did I pick the gift? : Based on the mindset and emotions of the person who is getting transferred from you will have a disheartening moment for a while. These gifts are selected just to make them feel happy. What’s more important than being happy in life? Let’s start… Also read: White elephant gifts under 100.

#37 : Fitness tracker – This doesn’t have to be the costliest one such as Apple watch but a normal Fitbit tracker could do the purpose. But why a tracker? Because, hundreds of worries come across a person who’s moving away from the close person they’ve spent their time and shared their memories with. So, they forget to track their own health and fitness. Now that’s why they need this perfect device to let them stay fit. Out of several options out there I’d suggest this one : XIAOMI fitness tracker

#38 : Friendship Touch Lamp – One of the best invention of 2020 is this cool night lamp that just gets activated when you touch on its top mildly for 3 seconds. This can turn into different colours and has a loud speaker to enjoy the lullaby tune. This lamp can be connected through Bluetooth and the whole set comes with an affordable price : Buy Smart Lamp

travel pillow for friends

#39 : Travel Pillow – This travel pillow is not what you see usually in e-commerce platform. This one is a specially made by scientific method that helps to keep the neck in a comfortable position without straining more or less. If your friend is travelling long distance for his new work then this is the best gift for your moving friend. BUY Travel Pillow

travel pillow for friends

#40 : Travel Jewellery Organiser – If your coworker has a kind of job that deals at client’s place then they had to travel to and fro every week right? Then this premium travel Jewellery organiser comes handy to stuff their necklace and other cosmetic items well organised. It has 5 different compartments to hold each jewels separately and firmly. You can get this cool gift for moving friends here : Travel Jewellery Organiser

#41 : Plated Earrings – Don’t think that earrings are something you gift at casual times. Yes, but no. This unique piece of electro finished sterling silver platted earrings comes with a rich look that appears sophisticated at any functions or casual days. This comes in two different sizes and make sure to pick the right one from : Plated Earrings.

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#42 : Cushion Flippers – I know how cute these are, just after looking at this first you might have changed your mind to buy one for you first before gifting one for your moving away friend. These cute fluffy flippers helps to take a steady walk without slipping down. These comes in different sizes and colours, pick the right one you’d like to give them. Buy the pair of cute looking comfy Cushion Flippers here.

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#43 : UV Protection Specs – If you are a caring friend then you must know that this is one important gift that you MUST give to your friend. People are cautioned by the spread of Corona but not by the damage happening to the eyes who are working at least 4 hours in front of the computer. If your slipping away friend is a hardcore computer user then this specially designed UV protected specs is a must needed accessory.

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#44 : Laptop Tote Bag – Gone are those days when women used their bags only as a fashion style. Now as we live in a digital age everything we own are so fragile and costly. A popular company has exactly captured those thoughts and made a spacious laptop tote bag just for women entrepreneurs who frequently travel to coffee shops and has to carry their laptops with them. This comes with a usb port next to the power bank holder and makes your life so much simple. Gift Laptop Tote Bag now

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#45 : Boss Lady Teeshirt – Is it your boss who’s moving away from you to a new work place? Then how cool it is to let them know how bossy they were to you during the whole career with you. This soft fabric women tee is just made for that purpose, it also stretches a bit unlike your cold boss. You can measure and get these cool boss lady teeshirt.

BONUS Gifts ideas for Moving Away Friends – 50 New Ideas

When people are presented with a multiple choices to choose from they fall into a psychological situation called ‘Choice Paralysis‘.

Which means you end up not selecting any gift at all. Don’t worry we have got you covered with few more choices to choose from (lol).

Farewell gifts for Friend moving away to College:

plastic rose gift

Plastic Rose

dundie office award

DunDie Award

If you’re reading this then, You’re on a hunting spree on gifts for moving away to college Friends.

Goodbye Gifts for Friends Moving to New College in 2020

Let me list few more generic gifts for your going away friend below :

  1. Organic Natural Bath Bombs for your friend’s new home.
  2. Pure Essential Oil Gift Set to adjust the new environment.
  3. Set of Whiskey Bourbon Glass for their freshers day party.
  4. Organic Bamboo Tray with Cutlery for new housewarming.
  5. Luggage Tag with Stainless Steel Loop for your friend’s bag.
  6. Air Cool Mist Humidifiers for a refreshing smell in the bedroom.
  7. Privacy Status Sign to Inform your friend’s status in office.
  8. Handheld Office Table Vacuum Cleaner for office purpose.
  9. Do Not Disturb Change Sign Board accessory for office.
  10. Firm Foot Cushion for Foot Rest under desk in office during work.
  11. Magnetic Paper and Hairpin Clip Holder in sheep’s shape.
  12. 4 ports USB Desktop Charging Mount for multiple device charge.
  13. Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion for Tailbone Problem coworkers.
  14. Security Convex Mirror with Adjustable Clip for Privacy & Safety.
  15. Non-Slippery Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad and Mouse Wrist Support.
  16. Wooden Desk Calendar Block for Office Decorative items.
  17. 500-Watt Compact Personal Mini Heater made of Ceramic.
  18. Number Combination Cable Luggage Lock with Alloy Body.
  19. Wine Cork Holder with Metal Monogram Letter for House Decor.
  20. Mini Heart Bubble Wands for Send OFF party to your friend.
  21. Completely Biodegradable Chinese Lantern Lamps Fully Assembled.
  22. Herbal Natural Tea for Relaxation in Different Natural Flavours.
  23. Customisable Personalised Jewellery Chain with Name Engraving.
You have come this far and aren't satisfied with the gift collections? No problem, I'm going to share with you the last 100th gift that you can gift friends moving away from you and definitely this won't disappoint them. 

#100 The universally Accepted Gift – Purchase a Gift Card from Amazon

Conclusion :

You have come to the end of this article. I hope you picked at least 2 gifts from the above collection of best presents for a friend going away to college. Don’t be shy to use the comment section to express your feeling towards this post. Thanks for reading, Kindly share this article with your beloved persons.

FAQ’s on Gift ideas for Best Friends Moving Away to College

Best Going away to college gifts for best friends?

A long lasting gift from the list above, that can stay with them forever.

What is the best gift for farewell?

Farewell party with close friends and a unique gift from our list.

What is a good moving gift?

It should encourage them to continue their life without your presence.

What is a good gift for a colleague farewell?

A new accessory that can be used in their new office workspace.

What do you write in a card for a friend moving away?

It can be simple as ‘You’re the best and we will miss you‘.

How do you write a goodbye message?

Pour your heart out with the flow, doesn’t have to be prepared.

What are good inexpensive gifts for coworkers?

Check our list for inexpensive gift items.

Should you give your boss a gift when leaving?

Yes, the best gift that you could give.

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