Wedding First Night Gift Ideas for Wife & Husband Honeymoon

Wedding night gift for bride: the wedding preparations are really tiring, so it is likely that you will come to pronounce the phrases for the promise of marriage a little tired. So expect to arrive definitely destroyed at the delivery of the last wedding favor and, therefore, on the wedding night! Fatigue, however, does not prevent you from spending memorable moments, just be prepared to take some measures. The most preferred gift for a wedding night is to book a special tour for your honeymoon in India and Kodaikanal Honeymoon package will help you in Booking.

The best wedding night gift for bride is giving pure love and few others which is covered under our list of gifts that you must gift your spouse on your first wedding night such as booking a ship ticket from Chennai to Andaman for a great honeymoon trip.

1. Wedding Night Gift For Bride – No expectations

The first rule to follow to make your wedding night unforgettable is to put aside any expectations . In fact you will not know how you will arrive at the long-awaited and romantic moment and it is highly likely that you will be overwhelmed by fatigue. So avoid creating false illusions, you risk being hurt. By the way, if in the end you don’t spend the night as tradition dictates, don’t worry that there are problems between you: it’s absolutely normal and it’s not even taboo anymore! Wedding gift for employee – Read the latest article.

first night wedding gifts for bride and husband

2. Don’t underestimate the lingerie

In any case, it is important that you get the best lingerie for the occasion. And this is true regardless of how you spend the first night . Sexy or classic? Lace or silk? Of course it also depends on the type of dress you have chosen. You could play on the contrast: if you have opted for a simple wedding dress , for example, risk it with lace and embroidered outfits. Of course, the advice on choosing underwear also applies to him, with the necessary differences!

3. Be sincere

If your partner, unlike you, will be particularly ‘loaded’ but you just can’t wait to lie down to relax before a healthy sleep, be honest and tell him gently. Honesty always pays off , especially in circumstances like this. Also read – Surprise wedding anniversary gifts for husband.

4. Don’t overdo the celebration

Avoid overdoing the celebrations during the reception: it would be a real shame to arrive at the first night to spend as too tipsy spouses. This would lead you to remember little or nothing of one of the most important moments of your life and it would be a real shame. So yes to fun and toasts with friends, but in moderation !

5. Play early with the atmosphere

If you have the opportunity, set up the room in advance with some extremely useful details to create the right romantic atmosphere. Get some candles to distribute in different areas of the room and make sure that the lamps of the lampshades are warm and not neon effect. Provide to decorate the environment with a few flowers, preferably not too fragrant: it may be sickening. Yes to rose petals scattered not only on the bed but also on the floor and, why not, yes also to writings that report love phrases perhaps on cards to be left on the pillows.

Remember the importance of music and create the playlist that best suits the occasion and your character. Insert romantic and relaxing songs and don’t forget your songs! Choose the most beautiful set of sheets and make sure you have a bottle of champagne and two glasses available to make the first toast in private as a married couple.

6. Ban distractions

Once you reach the wedding room, avoid immersing yourself in your mobile phones : there will be so many posts and photos in which you will be tagged that you will risk spending hours looking at them and responding to various greeting messages. Postpone until the next day and forget about television too! Also read : Sentimental wedding gifts for niece.

7. Plan the next day to relax

Make sure you have the whole following day free , so that you don’t have any thoughts once you say goodbye to friends and family after the reception. Get what you need to have an excellent breakfast when married and, since you don’t know what time you will wake up, make sure you have everything you need available for brunch too!

8. Avoid heavy arguments

Leave no room for worry and carefully avoid sad or heavy arguments. Instead, look for the laughs, perhaps remembering the funny wedding phrases you heard from your loved ones on their wedding day. Also read: Traditional 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parents.

9. Think of the surprises!

Surprises are always welcome. So why not prepare one for your partner on their wedding night? You could think of a relaxing massage by documenting in advance how to perform it, or a gift to put under the pillow. Finally, for the more dynamic: a mini treasure hunt inside the room with a theme of your choice: from romantic to fun to sexy, the possibilities are endless and totally customizable!

However you spend this magical moment it will in any case be unforgettable just like your wedding during which all the people closest to you will be present to whom you have sent the wedding announcements .

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