BEST Golden Birthday Gifts for Daughter in 2022 (in Budget)

Golden Birthday Gifts for Daughter : The holidays are approaching and this time again you find yourself looking for ideas to gifting your wife, friend, daughter or sister . Don’t panic, I’m going to give you some gift ideas that should make you happy every time .

The list below lists gift ideas for a daughter of 30 (or almost), but these ideas can concern most women in general regardless of their age. If you are looking for a budget gift then we have already posted an article on inexpensive gifts for a woman who has everything.

Contents of this Golden Birthday Gifts for Daughter :

Golden Birthday Gifts for Daughter -Tips for Choosing :

This list of ideas is only indicative, you have to tap into it according to the tastes of the 30 year old woman you want to spoil. Indeed, the personalization of a gift is essential to be sure to please.

At the same time, if you are here it is because you have no precise idea of ​​what she wants or what would make her happy … So I will try to help you, but know all the same that the it is best to try to find out beforehand about his desires and tastes . This should help you pick the item of your dreams from the list below.Don’t forget to read gifts for sister in law that you don’t like.

For each gift idea, I tried to give you some advice on how to choose this gift , where to find it… a complete guide on how to choose a gift! In addition, the gifts are very varied! there is something for all tastes and budgets .

And a cheap gift, is it possible?

For each gift idea, I gave tips on how to offer a cheap gift while being equivalent. A beautiful gift is not necessarily very expensive.
Whatever your budget, you should find in the list below ideas to spoil your wife, friend, sister, colleague … 30 years (or almost)!A small gift to please

it’s not the size that matters

Gifts that appeal to women aged 30

The beauty gift – Golden Birthday Gifts for Daughter

Offer a perfume

golden birthday gifts for daughter

It is often the first gift that one thinks of making to a woman and yet, tastes in terms of perfume are very personal. Tip to remember: in large perfumeries ( Marionnaud , Sephora …) you can request a small sample of the chosen perfume so that she can test it without opening the bottle (and therefore exchange it if it does not suit her).

Low budget: avoid supermarket perfume boxes, it’s really cheap. At supermarkets you will find fragrances that are not too expensive (and often they make discounts of -50% on a product of your choice: watch out!).

Big budget: as the holidays approach, Brands offers very nice gift boxes .

Offer cosmetics

cosmetics golden birthday gift for daughter

If she’s wearing makeup , chances are she will appreciate being offered it. If you do not know what to choose, go to perfumery and choose a palette : it is most often an assortment of eyeshadows (with eyeshadows, cheeks, etc.) with sometimes also mascara and / or lipstick. The largest choice of makeup palettes is probably at Sephora, where you will find in particular the Urban Decay palettes , which have proven themselves and are much appreciated.
If she likes natural cosmetics, without chemicals, Korres products display a list of particularly clean ingredients while offering a wide range of products.

Budget: the nail polish is trendy, so take the opportunity to offer him, especially as those you find in the supermarket ( L’Oréal …) are affordable and very decent quality. Good plan: go to Kiko : their products are of good quality and their prices, unbeatable!

Offer a massage, treatment

If you are not sure of yourself, you can always offer a hand massage for example. Indeed, it is less engaging than a massage of the body (she may hesitate to undress if she is shy) or even of the face. Choose an institute, beauty salon or spa recognized and located near his home

Small budget: skip the institute by directly offering a book on self-massage .

hand massager gift for daughter

Big budget: professional devices are democratizing: offer him the opportunity to look good at home! If she likes to style her hair, opt for the Rolls in terms of straighteners / curlers: a GHD iron or a Steampod . For a good facial cleansing, opt for a Foréo or other type facial cleansing brush . And to put an end to the drudgery of hair removal once and for all, offer him a pulsed light epilator !

Smart option: offer a beauty box

If you are not sure what to choose, you can opt for a beauty box, that is to say a surprise box containing several beauty products, skincare and makeup that the person will enjoy discovering. These boxes are often available either for an isolated purchase or as a subscription. I tested half a dozen beauty boxes and the best in my opinion is the Birchbox ! It’s been over 3 years that I receive it every month and I have never been disappointed…

The fashion gift: clothes and accessories

Offer clothing or shoes

It is a little tricky if you do not know its tastes and squarely to avoid if you do not know its size. If you are not sure of yourself, I advise you to buy from a large brand.. near her so that she can exchange the item of clothing if she does not like it / does not go. Many online brands offer free returns, such as Asos , an English site offering a choice and unbeatable prices!

teeshirt gifts for daughter birthday

Low budget: go to the factory outlets or even to discounted brands to find the good deal!

Offer a handbag

Ah, girls and bags… it’s like shoes: you can never have enough. A handbag or a pouch is always a pleasure if you choose them well: it is a personal object, which you always have on you outside your home, so it must stick perfectly to the tastes of the person.

bag for daughters golden birthday

Small budget: the small zipped pockets are fashionable, they allow you to store make-up, accessories or a whole bunch of small bazaar and slip easily into a handbag. You will find them in accessories or clothing stores. Likewise, tote bags are very popular right now, take the opportunity to find him a nice one.

Big budget: opt for a leather bag , it’s a sure bet!

Offer an accessory

If you don’t know her clothing size, offering an accessory may be a good idea. Scarf, gloves … even if you are not sure of his tastes, it is more difficult to go wrong by choosing this type of gift. You will find a large selection at Accessorize .

accessory gift for daughters golden birthday

Low budget: ideally, if you know how to knit… a well-made scarf or hat is a pleasure! But if you are not gifted with the needle, you can find cheap accessories in major clothing brands.

Offer a jewel

Even if Marilyn sang that diamonds are a woman’s best friend, no need to empty your codevi to offer a nice piece of jewelry! The choice is vast so find what she likes to wear (rings, necklaces or bracelets … gold or silver, stones or pearls).
If the gift concerns a “great occasion” (30 years anniversary gift, for example!) I would tell you to bet on quality to offer a piece of jewelry that lasts over time. So choose a noble material (gold if possible, or silver) rather than knock. You can find the big list of 50th traditional wedding anniversary gifts for parents.

Low budget: jewelry is not as inaccessible as you might think: in jewelry you can find, for example, silver bracelets from around twenty euros. If you really have very little money, you will find fashionable costume jewelry on display stands in most clothing stores or in so-called “costume jewelry”).

Cultural gift: audiovisual, technological…

Offer a show as a Golden Birthday Gifts for Daughter

Concert, theater, humor… you will have to target based on what your 30-year-old friend likes!
Then find out about the programming of cultural structures around your home. To do this, go to the website of each establishment, or go to ticketing sites with a caveat: you will not find all the shows there, especially those of the smallest structures.

Low budget: target small stages, which offer amateur or semi-pro shows for small budgets. Perhaps the opportunity for you to discover the future Dany Boon before it is known?

Offer a book as a Golden Birthday Gifts for Daughter

THE SOS book on the thirties! Both funny and sparkling

First question to ask yourself: does she read and if so, what does she read? After, you will have the choice between novel, BD , etc … To help you choose, you can consult the list of the best sales . If she devours a lot of books, you can also offer her an electronic reader like the Kindle : for the price of 2 books, she can take thousands of books wherever she goes. If she likes to laugh or if she is a little depressed at the thought of crossing the barrier of thirties, offer her the SOS Crisis Guide of thirties : it is the guarantee of a good time to read!

Otherwise, we think less but a ”  beautiful book »Can also delight her, for example if she likes cinema or photography or even cooking ! The books on the subject have been nicely renewed, like Yum! by Laura Rowe , the vegan cookbooks by Marie Laforet or The easiest cookbook in the world .

Finally, fashion is DIY , so if it is creative or DIY, consider looking at books on this subject, like these two references on the subject: The great book of DIY or this book by  Lisa Gachet .

Low budget: a great and inexpensive gift idea: have him sign a book by his favorite author. To do this, you can go to book fairs or, even simpler, watch the entertainment program offered by bookstores and cultural shops near you: they often receive authors on sale.

Offer a cd, dvd or bluray

Again, target according to her tastes … If she no longer listens to CDs, you can take the opportunity to offer her a nice mp3 player . Attention, do not buy a bluray unless you are sure that it has enough to read them (NB: the Freebox reads them). To delight series lovers, you just need to read this article on the 30 series to see before you are 30 : you will inevitably find a series that will please him.

Low budget: CDs or DVDs are typically the kind of item you can buy second hand. The almost new cd, dvd offers at -80% of their original price are increasing, whether online or in second-hand stores. So check the status and get started.

Offer a technological good

The choice is vast: tablet , smartphone , digital camera , game console … so find out about its needs before.

digital golden bday gift for daughter

Budget: everyone has nothing to offer the latest MacBook , fortunately, you can also offer an accessory : phone shell , colorful headphones , nomadic pregnant … If you want to go further in customization, think about photo development sites you can customize a phone case with the photo of your choice.

Big budget: if you want to mark the occasion, there is no shortage of ideas… You can for example offer him an instant camera to be on trend, or even a digital reflex to make beautiful photos. For a geekette, opt for a PC / tablet 2 in 1 .

Gourmet gift: delicacies, gastronomy

Offer a meal at the restaurant

Again, target according to what she likes, especially if you plan to offer a meal in an exotic restaurant (Asian, Lebanese, African cuisine …). Do not book, you will do it with her, depending on her availability, unless you plan to take her to the restaurant on the evening of the special occasion and you know that she has reserved her evening.

Small budget: restaurants, there is something for all budgets. But if you are really broke, cook it (practice before …)! In summer, a picnic in an unusual and / or romantic place can also be a great gift idea.

The perfect gift (too easy!)

Offer chocolates as a Golden Birthday Gifts for Daughter

Women seem genetically programmed to love chocolate (in any case it is true for 99.9% of them). So offering chocolate always seems like a good idea. 

Low budget: if you buy in a supermarket, take a box chocolates , it’s a sure bet!

Offer tea, coffee or infusions

Choose the type of drink according to what she is used to drinking. Obviously, if she is interested in wine, then a tasting box or a book to discover the aromas of wine will also be suitable … If not for the rest, you will find your happiness (or rather hers ^^) in a tea room, grocery store fine or burning.

coffee maker gift for golden birthday of daughter

Choose the type of drink according to what she is used to drinking. Obviously, if she is interested in wine, then a tasting box or a book to discover the aromas of wine will also be suitable … If not for the rest, you will find your happiness (or rather hers ^^) in a tea room, grocery store fine or burning.

Low budget: in the supermarket you will find Lipton boxes with selections of infusions / teas to discover.

Decorative gift: pretty objects

Offer a vase as a Golden Birthday Gifts for Daughter

A pretty vase is always useful. It’s better if you put flowers in it, but if not, it can be used as a decorative object. A word of advice: note that the trend at the moment in decoration is with clean forms and natural materials (wood in particular).

flower vase gift for daughters golden birthday

Small budget: I am amazed every time I go to Ikea , there are always new vases whose prices are really really very affordable. And if not, if you have a Hema near you, go for it.

Offer a jewelry box / jewelry tree

Same advice to the vase: think to offer her jewelry to put in it (not necessarily for the same occasion) 
The jewelry trees are an original way to have all its handy jewelry. In either case, do not look for it in jewelry but rather in decor stores, bazaars or accessories stores.

bracelet gift for golden birthday of daughter

Same advice to the vase: think to offer her jewelry to put in it (not necessarily for the same occasion) 
The jewelry trees are an original way to have all its handy jewelry. In either case, do not look for it in jewelry but rather in decor stores, bazaars or accessories stores.

Small budget: a jewelry tree costs on average around fifteen euros, but on the same principle there are also small ceramic or metal animals on which to put on your rings, they cost around 10 € and are really cute, like a ring rabbit for example.

Offer a kitchen accessory

Try to brighten up her day at work by offering her a nice mug or a nice bento in which she will bring her lunch! You will find this in cookware or decoration stores.

Low budget: often you can find cute little bentos that are very affordable in manga / Japanese culture stores.

Offer stationery
as a Golden Birthday Gifts for Daughter

It’s the fashion for pretty notebooks and stationery accessories. That’s good, because we always need a notebook (2 notebooks, 3 notebooks … 10 notebooks! Yes, women are crazy – but organized). To find them, go to decoration stores, stationery stores, or even to the decoration department of stores such as Monoprix … Choose for example the pretty Mr Wonderful notebooks , to be sure to please.

calendar for golden birthday of daughter

Small budget: a notebook, a pencil, it doesn’t cost much. If you want to flesh out the gift a bit on a tight budget, the best plan is to go to office supply stores (Top office type): even they started to do pretty things, which are not expensive. .

Offer a candle
as a Golden Birthday Gifts for Daughter

Yes, most girls like candles. It’s weird, inexplicable, but it’s like that. We have a gene in common with the magpie: we like what shines, what has shine. If it smells good too … Don’t judge us.

Low budget: you can find cheaper ones in low-end decoration stores or supermarkets, but beware, some low-quality candles can present toxicity risks. I would therefore advise you rather in this case to offer essential oils (with a diffuser if possible). 

The “experience” gift

Offer a trip as a Golden Birthday Gifts for Daughter

Unless the one you plan to spoil is particularly sedentary, a trip will always be a good idea. Please note, however: the farther the destination / the length of stay is long / the departure date is near, the more you should think about talking to them beforehand.

gift card for daughters golden birthday

Small budget: no need to go very far to escape. A return trip to NY can be great, but a weekend in Normandy, Gascony or Auvergne is fun too! And on the Smartbox site you will find stays from around sixty euros…

Big budget: you fell for a nice trip? Plan the camera that will allow you to capture your memories!

At least the “experience” gift is not too bulky

Offer an outing as a Golden Birthday Gift for Daughters

Amusement park, zoo, visit to a castle, horse riding… surprise her! (but not too much, huh …)

Small budget: take her to an unusual place, which does not necessarily need to be far from home… One year, for my birthday, I was taken to Carnac (I always dreamed of seeing alignments monolithic!). Take her to the sea, to the edge of a lake, to take a walk in the mountains, in the forest. The whole thing is to prepare for the outing, to concoct a moment that she will remember, a magic moment.

Offer a course
as a Golden Birthday Gifts for Daughter

This is done more and more, especially in the culinary field with courses in preparing sushi, cupcakes, pastries … But you can also offer for example a creative workshop, or music or language lessons.

Low budget: if you cannot afford a lesson with a professional, play your relationships and ask this service from your friend with his hands or your guitarist buddy…

The flowery gift

Give flowers or a plant

flower golden birthday daughter gift

Giving flowers is a timeless classic. You can offer a bouquet, a flower arrangement, or a potted plant if you want it to last longer. If you are not there, you can find on several site pretty country bouquets to have delivered.
Are you looking to send a message with your bouquet and want to be sure that it will be interpreted correctly? Why not complement your gift with a book on the language of flowers .

Small budget: what’s good with plants is that there is something for all budgets. Visit your florist: for less than 10 euros, you can buy a small orchid or a small bouquet of lilies. Wow effect guaranteed!

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