Funny White Elephant Gifts Under $100 to Exchange this Year

White Elephant Gifts Under $100: Who doesn’t like vacations? You can reconnect with old friends, see your family, eat delicious meals, and of course give and receive great gifts! We’ve always loved a good Secret Santa, but White Elephant Parties have really exploded in recent years. Basically everyone brings a wrapped gift and takes turns choosing and opening one from the stack. Don’t like what you have? You can rob someone else who came before you!

White elephants can be a lot of fun, but they take thought and dedicated research. You want to find a gift that will appeal to anyone who ends up taking it home. Be a little creative, be a little funny – there are so many ideas out there. Whether you need a gift idea under $ 30 or a gift idea under $ 10, we want to make sure that whatever you bring will be a success. That’s why we’ve put together a list of totally white elephant worthy gifts for you. Check the White Elephant Gifts Under $100 out below!

White Elephant Gifts Under $100:


We love the idea of ​​gifting this game because everyone at the party can play it after the exchange of gifts for big laughs. It’s an easy board game with an added dodge ball element, except the ball is a chewy, stuffed burrito. The goal is to earn points, but when a burrito card appears, like Burrito War or Burrito Duel, it’s time to throw it. Hilarity will certainly follow!

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White Elephant Gifts below $100: Marvis 7 Days of Flavor Set


The toothpaste might not initially come to your mind as a gift idea, but this set will be a one-time winner in any White Elephant gift redemption. Everyone uses toothpaste after all. This adorable set includes seven flavors in seven different colors, so it’s pretty cute on its own. This set is actually a bit luxurious too – each toothpaste is imported from Florence, Italy!

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Best White Elephant Gifts Under $100: Printable eGift Card


If you forgot to pick up a gift, or you’re just running out of time, don’t worry. seriously has gift cards for everything! Take one for a movie theater, or maybe one for a restaurant you know is in town. There are also great fashion, travel, and spa options. Print it out, put it in an envelope, and take it to the party. A + gift with almost no effort!

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White Elephant Gift Under $100: Avène Thermal Spring Water

Who doesn’t love a refreshing mist for the face – especially thermal water straight from France? This mist can hydrate and soothe even very sensitive skin. It can also be used to freshen up makeup or cool someone down after a workout!

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Funny White Elephant Present below 100$: The Good Patch Plant-Based Dream Patch (4 pieces)


This giveaway is sure to impress simply because it’s something most people have never seen before – and something almost anyone would find useful. Just take a patch, stick it on before sleeping, and let the melatonin, valerian root, and natural hops do their job, claiming to send you to more restful sleep!

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White Elephant Gift ideas Under $100: Good Day Glass Candle


We love these sleek, modern candles because they have scents everyone would love: delicious coffee, fresh blood orange, and earthy, woody cologne. They also make a great home decor, and the glass jar can always be reused!

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White Elephant Gifts Under 100$: Grosche Milano Moka Three-Cup Stove Espresso Maker

Saks Fifth Avenue

This Italian coffee maker is not only a modern accent to spice up someone’s kitchen, but it is top notch. It’s light and durable, and it claims to “increase caffeine extraction and flavor from the grounds compared to filtered coffee, resulting in a stronger, richer brew.” It also works on gas and electric stoves, making it perfect for a white elephant swap!

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