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Wedding gift for employee: Are you planning to gift your employee for his wedding? Here’s the top 10 list of wedding gifts for employee that you can give to make them happy.

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Best Wedding Gift for Employee – 2021

1. Money as a wedding gift for employee : how much should you give?

Some people find it vulgar while others find it very useful: money as a wedding gift. Money is often seen as impersonal because in principle the money can also be used for food. Nevertheless, many couples are very happy when they receive money as a gift. The amount you can give as a wedding gift depends a lot on what you are willing to give yourself and how you relate to the couple. It is best to give a colleague 20 € (if your partner does not come). For siblings, $50 or more is common. In the end, it is especially important that you give what you want to give yourself, because after all, you are not invited to bring a gift.

2. Gift certificate for a wedding photo on the wall

Would you like to give something that will remind you of the most beautiful day? Then give them a voucher to print the wedding photos on canvas or wood! The couple will appreciate this gift very much because it reminds them of their most beautiful day every day. You can find several suppliers of wall designs online, where you can also order gift certificates. 

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3. Give a bottle of wine

Do you think a wedding should be celebrated with a good bottle of wine? Then give the couple a bottle of wine with a greeting card ! This gift is also very suitable when you cannot come to the wedding. Create your card, write a nice congratulatory text on it and buy a bottle of wine. Designing cards online is child’s play and fun too.

4. Art as a wedding gift for employee

Are you looking for a gift to remember your wedding day? Then give away art! It is important that the bride and groom are art lovers and find the work of art beautiful. Therefore, present your idea in advance and then choose a work together that the bride and groom will like. 

5. Gift of the wish list

Many couples who are about to get married have created a wish list of gifts that they would like to receive. That way, you know what to buy and the pair gets exactly what they need. Is there no mention of a wish list on the wedding card? Then ask the master of ceremonies if there is a wish list. Actually, it is not appropriate to mention the wish list on the wedding card.

6. Box or basket with tasty things

Organizing and experiencing a marriage is quite stressful. After the wedding, the bride and groom need some relaxation! So make a nice wedding box or basket with champagne, a meal voucher, massage oil, some magazines, and some goodies. The couple probably appreciate that!

7. Wedding present for a small budget

You don’t have a lot to spend, but you still want to give something? Then offer your help for the wedding! Make the wedding cake, help with the decorations, decorate the tables or make signposts. Of course, you can also offer to help clean up after the party. For you, helping is a small effort, while for the bride and groom it could be more valuable than a gift!

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8. A great board game

If the bride and groom love to play games, you can give them a nice board game as a gift. How about Taboo, Exploding Kittens or Black Stories? A nice board game or card game will often be used for years! Are you creative? Then you can also design a game yourself. For example memory. Ask for beautiful, crazy and cute pictures of friends and family of the bride and groom and make it your own game.

9. A young tree as a present for a wedding

It’s an old tradition to give away a tree at an important event. Surprise the bride and groom with a young tree! The tree is still small, but in 20 years it will be strong and big, just like their marriage, hopefully. You can buy a tree yourself at the garden center, but there are also several online vendors who can order a tree for a special occasion. The latter option also gives the bride and groom instructions on how to plant and care for the tree. First of all, check that the bride and groom have a garden.

10. Funny wedding gift for employee

Of course, if the bride and groom appreciate a crazy wedding gift, you can give a fun wedding gift too. How about, for example, € 50 in 5-cent coins? Or money in a stone piggy bank that you have to smash with the hammer provided? Another nice idea is to give a modern version of the typical pepper and salt set. The salt and pepper set used to be a traditional wedding present. For example, give a nice wooden pepper and salt mill or take an electric salt and pepper shaker. This gift is fun and practical too!

11. Original wedding gift: Donate to a good cause

Does the bride and groom already seem to have everything or have they stated themselves that they don’t want any presents? How about a donation to a good cause? Choose something that suits you and let someone else benefit from the wedding gift!

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12. Unique wedding gift: personalized watch

A gift that the bride and groom can look at for a long time is a watch! Give them a watch with their names and wedding date or with a nice quote as a gift. You can find personalized watches via the Etsy webshop, for example. Look carefully to see if the watch suits this person stylistically. 

13. Wedding gift for the honeymoon

After the most beautiful day, maybe the honeymoon will follow. Of course, if the bride and groom want to visit a beautiful destination, you can also make a nice or practical gift for it. For example, give away new suitcases, an action cam that works underwater, or give the couple a fun outing. 

14. Photo shoot for the most beautiful day

Wedding gift for employee

Are the newlyweds organizing a low budget wedding or don’t they want to spend money on a photographer? Give them a photo shoot for their most beautiful day. This can be done on the day itself or after the wedding. Agree with the bride and groom in advance when they want to do the photo shoot so that their favorite moments are captured.

15. Give away an overnight stay

A classic among wedding favors is perhaps an overnight stay. If the bride and groom are not going on their honeymoon, or the honeymoon is still a while away, an overnight stay is a very nice gift. Of course, you can make an overnight stay as expensive as you want, but remember that almost everyone will be happy with a nice hotel breakfast!

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16. Wedding present with a group of friends: an activity every month

Are you looking for a nice wedding present to give with your friends? Surprise the couple with a package of 12 fun activities. Number each activity and let the couple do something together each month. Here are a few examples of fun activities

  • High wine or high beer
  • Day trip to an amusement park 
  • Sailing in summer 
  • Relax in the sauna 
  • Tickets for a festival 
  • Wine course or wine tasting 
  • Museum visit 
  • Escape room for 2 people 

Tip: Do the bride and groom have young children? Make sure to take turns babysitting so the couple have all the time they need for themselves.

17. Wedding present: pictures of your pets or children

A gift that every parent will appreciate is a picture of their children or pets! So make sure you can take care of the kids or pets for an afternoon undisturbed and let a photographer take them in a fun way. This gift will likely find a nice place in the house.

18. Unique wedding gift for employee: tickets to a concert

Are the bride and groom fans of a particular artist or band? Then you can make them happy with tickets to a concert! Make sure you keep this date free or give them a voucher. This way you can order the tickets yourself.

19. Nice poster with important dates

A nice present is a poster with all the important information about the bride and groom. There are several web shops where you can create your own poster with all the important data. For example, write the dates of birth, engagement date, and wedding date on the poster. Does the couple have children? Also write down the dates of birth of the children. The poster is often available in different versions and with different fonts, styles and colors. Often you can also buy the right photo frame so that the couple can hang up the poster directly. Check the correct dates or ask a family member to find out.

20. Gift certificate for breakfast at home

Hopefully during the honeymoon the bride and groom will enjoy their lives as a young couple. Help them and give them a voucher for a homemade breakfast! So you can spend a morning in bed while breakfast is served. Find a supplier near you online.

Original wedding gifts for employee

With one of these 20 wedding gifts for employee, you can be sure that the bride and groom will get a suitable gift! And if you really don’t know anything and no gift register is available, you can always ask them what they want. This may be a little less original, but are you sure you won’t find your gift on the gift table at another party? In addition to a wedding present, are you also looking for a nice wedding activity? Then choose one of our 3 fun wedding games !

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