Traditional 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Here are the gifts for the golden wedding, gift ideas for 50 years of marriage, an important milestone to celebrate with the whole family. Whether your parents, your grandparents or your friends, finding the right gift for this occasion is always difficult. On this page you will find gift ideas for the golden wedding, both classic and original but also do it yourself for those who want to spend little or have little budget.

If you are a large number of people, give an all inclusive holiday , maybe the same holiday they did on their first honeymoon. Going over it after 50 years must be something very exciting. Also read: Wedding gift for employee.

Traditional 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents


If the holiday is “too much”, you can always give something important like a cruise , but at the same time cheaper and more flexible, while giving the opportunity to visit many new places (if you feel like it) or to make a relaxing life, served and revered 24 hours a day.


Don’t like to go around? You could give an afternoon at the spa or a weekend in some all-inclusive spa. Relaxation is always appreciated by everyone.

We can understand that aged people are not flexible leaving home for a SPA so If you are looking for a traditional gift to be delivered at home then the foot spa massager will help them pamper their feet at home. You can buy one for the best price here :

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Traditional 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For the House

For smaller budgets, you can give something for the home, here are some gift ideas for 50 years of marriage. You might also checkout our mega-list on best gifts for friends moving away.


Give a picture of the country or place where they married, or a picture of an author you know they love. You can also add the picture in a stylish frame like below and gift them. Buy the painting frame below :

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Pendulum clock

For lovers of watches and home accessories, a pendulum clock could be the right gift. It would be very nice to be able to have the wedding dates engraved as a souvenir. You can directly purchase them from the nearest outlet OR get it home delivered from Amazon from the below link.

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The most classic gift for the anniversary of 50 years of marriage, a photo frame (perhaps gold-plated) where you can insert one of their most important photos, or even better, the photo of everyone present at the party.

Plaque with engraving

Among the gifts for the golden wedding under 50 euros you can choose to customize a plaque, having a beautiful phrase engraved and the names of all the grandchildren or family members, and of course the wedding date and the current one. It will be one of those gifts that will show proud to all guests.


When you don’t want to dare or don’t want to do anything demanding, a gift that is always highly appreciated can be a beautiful plant to decorate your home. Well how about including a cute hanging plant basket with it that can be purchased from Amazon.

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Coffee or tea service

A coffee or golden tea service is one of the classic gifts for a golden wedding. But the real question is: will they use it or will it go to collect dust in the showcase of the living room?

Domestic appliances

If they need some new home appliance , it’s a good time to give it to them. Do you need a new dishwasher? A new washing machine? A new TV ?

It will not be a gift that will give emotions or memories, but at least it will be useful.

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Among the gift ideas for the golden wedding, jewels are also very welcome gifts.

It would be nice to find jewelry for the couple, possibly in gold, like bracelets, where you can engrave the wedding date and a small sentence.

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Give a photo shoot with a professional photographer. It will be a further memory to be jealously kept in the house and why not, to be covered in a few years always all together.

do-it-yourself DIY

If you want to give something handmade for the golden wedding, here are some ideas.

Photo collage

The simplest but also most exciting gift idea could be a collage of photos that describe their whole life, starting from their wedding day until today. Going through 50 years of life together, all the sacrifices they have faced, all the beautiful moments they have gone through, and seeing where they managed to get today, will make anyone excited.

Order a beautiful photo collage frame from Amazon.


Another great classic of DIY gifts for the golden wedding is the video. Take the most beautiful photos you find and through a special program (such as Windows Movie Maker that you have already installed on your PC if you use WIndows) create a video with a beautiful soundtrack. Tell their story from the wedding day until today and insert between the photos of the anecdotes of their life. You will get a tearful gift.

A tip, do not exceed 5 minutes in duration, otherwise it becomes too heavy to see.

Custom painting

On the internet you can find many ideas to create a personalized picture for the 50th wedding anniversary. Here are some examples.


Write a poem in golden ink and frame it in a golden frame too. A gift that comes from the heart.


Organize and give an outdoor picnic with all your loved ones in a special place. The dominant color of the objects (glasses, plates, …)? Obviously gold.

Conclusion :

We know our old parents and family needed to be celebrated because we won’t know until when they would be still living in this planet before going to heaven. So, I’d recommend every readers to gift a best traditional 50th wedding anniversary gifts for your parents and make them happy before it’s too late.

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