HISTORY (aka: That’s the story and I’m stickin’ to it!)

8mm Ideas was born out of my love for the weird and wonderful and the collections that inhabit those categories. These small works of wonder showed up in New York City in 1999, first appearing in a little shop my sister, Kaari, and I owned at the time called French General.

During buying trips for the shop, I gathered ephemera and vintage books and found old photographs that eventually became part of the extensive collection that I work from today.

A move to San Francisco in 2004 brought a new outlet for the cards and a new studio for me to revel in! In May of ‘04, an “official” introduction of my small works of wonder, known as 8mm Ideas, was made at the National Stationary Show in NYC.

I hope to continue to transcend the average greeting card by creating images and phrases that make you want to send any card on any day.

Luckily, I don’t see an end to snail-mail as an ever-expanding art. I hope you enjoy sending the cards as much as I enjoy making them. The Studio In my studio, I also create artwork that I call “historical fiction”.

Taking the ephemera and vintage books and photos that I use in the little works of wonder, I make much bigger pieces that tell a larger story of an invented past.

After a few years of showing the “imaginary” work, people started to ask if I would create something personal for them with just a few bits and pieces of information. Of course, I agreed. So, I now do custom work, as well, that integrates one’s personal mementos (real or imagined) into larger pieces. Everything I make, custom or not, is one-of-a-kind, dated and numbered.

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