American Gifts for Foreigners to Take Overseas 2022

Unique american gifts for foreigners: Is your loved one a fan of the United States and you are looking for a nice gift idea related to his American passion? Christmas , birthday, Valentine’s Day or for any occasion: we have spotted for you the best gift ideas for a lover of the USA marketed on Amazon .


American Gifts For Foreigners & Souvenir to Take Back Home 2020

The gift for a traveling fan of the USA: the USA scratch map

Gift ideas for a fan of the United States, the scratch map of states

This is truly the PERFECT and awesome gift idea for travelers and fans of the United States! With this special USA scratch card, your loved one will be able to scratch the states of the country already visited. A fun and decorative American Gifts For Foreigners!

The USA scratch map

The decorative gift idea for New York lovers: the Fire Escape shelf

USA fan gift idea, the New York fire escape shelf

The fire escapes  (fire escapes) are everywhere in the urban landscape of New York. Although installed for security reasons, they are now totally part of the charm of the buildings of Big Apple . This fire escape shelf is therefore a very nice gift idea for a NYC lover who likes to take care of his interior decoration.

The New York fire escape shelf

American gift idea for young and old: the USA in Lego

Gift idea USA, the Lego Architecture skyline construction set

Here’s a great gift idea for a USA lover and Lego fan. The famous construction toy brand has indeed published a magnificent Lego architecture skyline collection. You can find Lego constructions of the skyline of San Francisco, New York or Las Vegas. For young and old! Nice American Gifts For Foreigners, isn’t it?

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Lego Architecture New York City

Gift for a trip to the United States: the travel log / logbook (adult and child)

If your loved one is about to take a trip to the USA, you couldn’t ask for a better gift! We spotted two notebooks, one for adults, the second for children. Composed of a daily diary, these notebooks allow you to note down planning, activities, etc. Perfect for keeping memories and anecdotes of an American trip! The notebooks also contain inspiring illustrations, ideas and travel quotes. For the child’s travel diary, you will also find sections to draw or put stickers. A must have for an even more magical trip to the United States!

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The gift for fans of the United States that keeps you warm: a plaid in the colors of the flag of the USA

Gift ideas United States, the American flag plaid

Ideal for keeping warm or for decoration. Here is something to make you want to nestle comfortably on your sofa in front of a good series! Give your loved one this soft and warm microfiber quality blanket in the colors of the American flag .

American flag plaid blanket

The American gift idea that comes from space: the NASA suitcase set

Here is a gift that has class… This magnificent fanny pack from the NASA brand will give your loved one another reason to want to get on the first plane, headed for the United States! This is available in gray or black to suit all tastes.

NASA Fanny bag

The gourmet gift from the United States: the machine to make your peanut butter

You know, Americans are crazy about peanut butter! Thanks to this super practical machine, your loved one will be able to make their own peanut butter, as in the USA. An ideal gift for the whole family, from the most gourmet to the most sporty. Ingenious American Gifts For Foreigners, isn’t it?

The peanut butter machine

The fun and original gift idea for a fan of the USA: The burger phone

American gift idea, the burger phone

Make no mistake, this is a phone! Practical, funny and decorative, this pretty burger-shaped phone will be a very original gift for a lover of the United States.

The burger phone

Gift idea for a US sports fan: an NFL American football

American gift ideas, the NFL American football

American football is one of the most popular sports in the United States . This authentic ball with the NFL inscription is therefore a great gift idea for a fan of the USA or of this discipline!

American Football NFL Ball

A gift made in the USA: the hoodie from Harvard University

USA fan gift idea, Harvard University sweatshirt

Harvard University is the dream of students around the world. So why not gift this awesome official college hoodie? Available in all sizes, you will undoubtedly delight your loved one’s wardrobe!

Hoodie officially licensed by Harvard University

The 100% USA gift: an American mailbox / letterbox

Gift ideas United States, the US mail box, American mailbox

You must have noticed them, they are the charm of the entrances of houses in the United States: the US mail boxes! Even if it is quite unusual, it is quite possible to install an American mailbox in France. We can already bet that your loved one’s postman will love raising the lever of this letterbox! You can get several models on the Amazon platform, including this one, simple efficient and within a very reasonable budget:

The aluminum US Mail letterbox

The cult Hawaiian gift: the Hawaiian dancer for dashboard

Gift idea USA made in Hawaii, the hula dancer for dashboard

We see her regularly in the movies: the hula girl dancing on the dashboard of cars. In Hawaii, this object is totally cult and can be found in all souvenir shops! This figurine therefore clings to the dashboard of the vehicle and dances according to the movements of the road. Playful and authentic!

Hawaiian Hula for dashboard

Gift idea for a New York fan: the NYC Canvas

Here is an absolutely brilliant gift for a New York lover who wants to redo his decor! This Big Apple photo wallpaper will bring a classy, ​​modern and original decoration to a living room or a bedroom. Made up of eight strips, this New York wallpaper is quick and easy to hang yourself.

Photo Canvas New York

The gourmet gift idea that comes from the United States: the Starbucks snack pack for Nespresso

USA gift idea, the starbucks coffee capsule pack

Offer the complete and gourmet range of Starbucks capsules designed for Nespresso coffee machines. It is indeed a great opportunity to enjoy the very famous American coffee chain, at home!

Starbucks Nespresso Variety Pack, 10 capsules

The gift idea for the New York City fan: the New York watch

This superb watch will undoubtedly make the happiness of your close lover of the city who never sleeps! With a very current look, this watch has a nice New York visual. The watch is unisex, so you can give it to whoever you want!

“New York” watch

The Gift for a US Food Fan: The American Burger Press

Gift idea United States, the American burger press

Here is a very useful gift for a fan of the United States and for a lover of burgers . Thanks to this burger press, your loved one will be able to shape their steaks themselves, just like in the USA! Yummy.

The burger press

The gift for a fan of Hawaii: a Hawaiian ukulele

Gift idea USA, the Hawaiian ukulele

Here is an American gift idea that smells of the Pacific! This traditional Hawaiian instrument will delight any musician or apprentice musician. This item also contains a quality ukulele bag, tuner and ukulele cloth: the complete set and ideal for playing the ukulele just like in Hawaii.

The ukulele or concert

The gift idea for a lover of the United States: a pancake pan

American gift ideas, the USA pancake pan

Very practical for successful brunches like in the USA, this pancake pan promises you very round and harmonious pancakes. A perfect American gift for foodies!

Cast iron pancake pan

The American gift for the party animal: the beer pong kit, just like in the USA

Fan gift idea from the United States, the beer pong kit like in the USA

Yep, it’s the perfect gift for party-goers who love America! This beer pong kit contains all the essentials to play beer pong with friends. Perfect for aperitif or in the evening, a must have for fun!

Beer Pong official premium quality kit

Gift idea for a kid fan of the United States: the baseball set

Gift United States, the baseball set for children

Another very popular sport in the United States: baseball! This activity, not widespread in France, is widely practiced in the USA. This baseball set is an ideal American gift for a child who would like to discover this American sport!

Wilson Baseball Set (bat, glove, ball) for kids

A gourmet and American gift: the hot dog machine

Gift United States, the hot dog machine

This hot dog machine will delight lovers of this so American snack! With its sausage and bread warmer, this machine will allow your loved one to prepare delicious hot dogs at home and in the American style! The dream !

Hot dog machine for 8 sausages

Gift for man fan of New York: the handmade New York bow tie in wood and leather

United States gift ideas for man fan of New York, the wooden New York bow tie

Chic and natural, this superb bamboo wood and leather bow tie is handmade. Its New York visual will bring a touch of originality to the clothing style of your loved one. Guaranteed success!

Handmade wood and leather bow tie

Gift made in the USA, gourmet and spicy: the official chocolate Tabasco box

gift made in usa, the tabasco chocolate box

In Louisiana, Tabasco is a real institution! If only the original product is available in France, the United States has developed Tabasco in various forms. Let yourself be tempted by this pretty box of Tabasco chocolate. An authentic, delicious and spicy American gift!

Box of Tabasco spicy chocolate

A gift for fans of US national parks: the 2020 National Geographic calendar

It’s the American gift that breathes the new year! Thanks to this special American national parks calendar , each month your loved one will be able to discover a new 100% USA dream destination. This calendar is published by National Geographic, which guarantees great images. Small bonus, for each calendar purchased, a free 2021 pocket planner i one of the !

Buy NY Calendar 2021

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  1. Honnestly the only gift I would dare take and some of the stuff is not easy to pack.
    Legos? Really do you know they were invented in Europe! Starbucks? We have them everywhere and well they are high critizised abroad even in Kuala Lumpur. Plastic cups? WOW arrogant a US flag! Hotdog machine? The are sold on every street corner.
    There are much better things Twinkies for one are not sold abroad and are a funny gift any thing from the yeti shop, Fudge from Chicago or litterally anything with macadamia nuts or pecans that are very amercan.


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