Gifts for Mom Who Doesn’t Want Anything

Gifts for Mom Who Doesn’t Want Anything – Thinking about a birthday present for mom sometimes takes a long time. Because many considerations when trying to buy, ranging from taste to budget owned. 

Consideration is important. Do not let, a gift that has been bought expensive, it turns out your mother does not like it. Too bad that later if the item is not used and even unemployed. 

Therefore, for parents you must be observant in buying it. In addition to taste and budget, you also need to pay attention to the function of the goods you buy. Try to find one that is truly functional and easy to use for parents. 

Examples of items that are not quite right are electric scooters or headphones . Maybe that’s fine, but not quite right for our mothers who may not be young anymore. 

Well, remembering that Mother’s Day is coming soon, here we will recommend birthday Gifts for Mom Who Doesn’t Want Anything that you can make a choice for. 

1. Simple gift for mom, cookbook

birthday gift for mom
Recipe books will help your mother get lots of new inspiration. (Pixabay)

Usually, mothers who are married are very fond of cooking. To support mother’s creativity in cooking, there’s no harm in you buying a recipe book. 

This gift is fairly simple and very cheap. Most prices start from Rp 40 thousand to Rp 100 thousand. If you cook at home, it will be good for you, too. 

Buy a recipe book that contains various dishes, ranging from Asian, European, to American cuisine. You don’t get bored eating it, that’s all at home. 

2. Bag 

birthday gift for mom
Do not just buy, first make sure the bag model like what he likes. (Pixabay)

Bags are the choice of birthday gifts for mothers who are most often bought. You just choose to buy a branded bag and what it is for. 

For mom, you can buy her a bag to go, a handbag, or a shopping bag to go to the market. But, before buying it, you make sure first what he tastes like, whether like a patterned or simple. Also consider the matter of what color he likes. 

3. Shoes 

birthday gift for mom
For you, there is no harm in buying quality. (Pixabay)

Shoes can also be a gift for your beloved mother. You can buy sports shoes, with the aim that mothers diligently exercise or formal shoes to be used for official events. 

Choose shoes that are really good in terms of design and comfort. Why is comfort necessary? Because the older a person is, the more risk is also affected by osteoporosis or brittle bones. If the age of your parents are above 50 years, really need shoes with high comfort, especially in the soles. 

4. Clothing 

birthday gift for mom
If you’re afraid it doesn’t fit, you can just buy the outer. (Pixabay)

Besides bags and shoes, the most common birthday present for moms is clothes. You can buy formal clothes, shirts, or outer. If you are buying a t-shirt or formal dress like a dress, you must first make sure that the right size for your parents. 

It is safest to buy outer, such as cardigans, jackets and sweaters. Buy the best quality for the convenience of the mother. 

5. Birthday gift of cooking utensils 

birthday gift for mom
First find out what equipment your mother needs. (Pixabay)

After the recipe, a birthday present for the right mom is the cooking utensils. Pay attention to the kitchen, what your beloved mother needs most. You can buy a new mixer, oven, juicer, or pan. 

If necessary and sufficient money, there is no harm in buying a set of small equipment such as knives, spoons, forks, and others. Provide the Best Insurance for Gifts for Mother Who Does not Want Anything

6. Birthday gifts for mothers in the form of jewelry

birthday gift for mom
In addition to beautifying the appearance, all for your mother’s investment. (Pixabay)

Gifts for women are among the most luxurious mothers so far, perhaps jewelry. Jewelry here is a necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings made of pure gold or diamonds. 

Although the price is expensive, if you intend to buy it anyway. Just set aside your allowance or your monthly salary for one year for example. Then, buy jewelry that costs according to the budget. 

When you think about it, buying jewelry turned out to be very profitable. Not just to enhance your appearance, but can also be used as an investment product. 

7. Household furniture 

birthday gift for mom
Do not force yourself to buy expensive, adjust to the budget. (Pixabay)

Furniture in the house is already broken? There’s no harm in buying furniture as a gift item for mother. Furniture can be in the form of cabinets, mattresses, dining tables, guest tables, sofas, and others. 

It’s a bit expensive, but for the sake of pleasing parents, you shouldn’t have to think about it anymore. Buy wisely according to the budget you have. It’s better to buy a simple one, rather than having to owe. 

8. Vacation package 

birthday gift for mom
Occasional holidays with my mother would make him happy. (Pixabay)

Everyone loves holidays, including your mother. Give your mother a little time to leave her daily routine by giving her a vacation package. No need to go far abroad, only in the country. 

Many interesting places to visit by you and your mother, for example, to Bali. Take time off to accompany him on vacation for about three days is enough. 

Give a memorable vacation experience, by taking it to a beautiful place that has never been visited. 

9. Perfume 

birthday gift for mom
This one is a bit tricky, because you have to be sure he will like the aroma. (Pixabay)

A birthday present for a mother who is simple and definitely useful next is perfume. Perfume must be used every day on various occasions. 

Buy the perfume he used, or look for other perfume references. But the risk is, if your mother doesn’t like the smell, the perfume might not be used. 

10. Skin care and makeup equipment 

birthday gift for mom
Even though she’s old, her name is definitely a woman who still needs to look charming. (Pixabay)

Skin care and makeup do not know age. Even though your mother is old, but they also need it. The goal, of course, is to continue to look beautiful and healthy from the outside. 

You can even buy makeup for a partner, the time for your own parents is still thinking about it. 

11. New gadget

birthday gift for mom
It might be an option if your mother’s gadget is old school. (Pixabay)

To keep communicating with you smoothly, there’s no harm in buying a birthday present for mom, the latest smart phone. With notes, if his cellphone is outdated or old. If the cellphone is still the latest release, it’s better not to. 

If your mother is a career woman and is still working, you can also buy a new laptop to support her work. 

Unqiue Gifts for Mom Who Doesn’t Want Anything :

12. Journey of worship 

Pilgrimage trips or pilgrimages require large funds, because pilgrimages are conducted abroad. In Islam, the pilgrimage is also called Umrah. 

Well if you are confused about what to give a gift for, give your mother a package tour and a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Market prices now start from Rp. 20 million per person. 

So that enough money, you can save from the beginning by setting aside the salary earned. 

13. Reading books 

birthday gift for mom
As we get older, mothers need to read to be honed and avoid senility. (Pixabay)

A birthday present for a 50-year-old mother who has retired from working, a suitable reading book. Ask the mother what genre of her favorite book, whether fiction or non-fiction. Reading books in old age is very useful for keeping the brain sharp and also reducing the risk of senility. 

That’s the 13th birthday gift recommendation for mom. In addition to birthdays, you can also give them on Mother’s Day which falls every December 22nd. The gifts may indeed not be used to avenge his services so far, but at least can help us express our affection to them. Did you like our post on Gifts for Mom Who Doesn’t Want Anything? Then share your views on it in our comment section. Also check Gifts for parents who have lost a baby.

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