Innocent Gift for Teachers on Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day Gift for teachers – February has arrived, this is a sign that soon people around the world will celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th. If you youre looking to gift your teacher on valentines day then that’s a sign of love. Here we’ve provided the best gift for teachers on valentines day to pick from. Also read: Going away to college gift for best friends.

Gift for Teachers on Valentines Day 2021

gift for teacher on valentine's day 2021

November 25 is designated as a commemoration of National Teacher’s Day. A warning like this aims to reward the services of teachers who have educated students to become successful people later. How to commemorate teacher’s day can be to give appreciation to your beloved teachers or favorite teachers. The award can be a gift or a gift for him. Also read: End of the year gift for sunday school teacher.

This gift for your favorite teacher can show your gratitude for teaching many things. The role of the teacher is indeed as an educator as well as parents at school. So there is nothing wrong if you give him a gift that will make him touched, because it turns out his students love him. With this gift, it will make it memorable when you have graduated or become a successful person.Back to top

DIY Gift for Teachers on Valentine’s day 2021

gifts for teacher on valentines day

You can give special gifts to teachers on special days such as birthdays, anniversaries, or graduation farewells. However, you should know some tips for preparing special gifts for your beloved teacher, such as the following gift for teachers on valentines day.

List of Gift for Teachers on Valentines Day 2021

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Bath & Body Works Antibacterial Hand Gel

Soap with a unique aroma can be a gift inspiration for your beloved teacher, because the teacher certainly likes something clean. Therefore, things that can be done to maintain cleanliness are by taking a clean bath or washing your hands before and after your activities. You can give a gift of soap for hand washing or hand soap.

Bath & Body Works Antibacterial Hand Gel is an antibacterial hand washing soap that has a refreshing aroma, such as fruits, vanilla, to flowers. this gift for teachers on valentines day Can be purchased at a variety of your favorite e-commerce! Interesting gift, right?

“Cake” School Equipment

Schools are identical with items such as bags, shoes, uniforms and stationery. This can be your inspiration to give a special gift to your favorite teacher, which is a “cake” of school equipment. However, this is not true and can be eaten. This is just a replica of a cake prepared using stationery. Very unique is not it?

You can even make it yourself or invite your friends to make it. The method is very easy and the ingredients are also easy to get. The ingredients are a set of school equipment, you can choose anything from pencils, crayons, to notebooks. Use glue as an adhesive, a box as a cake base, and ribbons or other trinkets that can be used as cake decorations for your stationery.

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  • Make the basis of using any box.
  • Then place the stationery as the base level of the cake, glue to stick to the bottom of the box.
  • After that, cover the first level using a box and glue to glue.
  • Next, you can add school supplies or other stationery and paste using glue.
  • Now it’s time to decorate using ribbons or other trinkets that you have to make it more lively and lively.
  • Make a greeting as a complement to add a special and special impression.

Mug with Name – gift for teachers on valentine’s day #2

Mugs can be a special gift for your favorite teacher. However, provide custom mugs that are unique and different. Its uniqueness lies in the design that you can order according to your wishes.

If you are interested, then you can order Cool Custom Mug 2 Suitable for Souvenirs online at Tokopedia. This mug uses heat-resistant ceramic material with a height of 9.5 cm and a diameter of 8 cm. Screen printing on mugs guaranteed not to peel back.

Coffee Cup Holder

One of the activities that you can do is provide teacher services to thank you. This service you can do for example by making him a cup of drink or bring snacks after a day of teaching fatigue.

However, in class putting drinks is sometimes dangerous, because it can fall nudged. Therefore, you can buy a tool to clamp the cup so it doesn’t fall off, called the coffee cup holder. Read the gifts for medical school graduates.

This tool can be used to keep cups or cups of drinks placed on the table so as not to fall. The price of this gift for teachers on valentines day 2021is very cheap according to student pockets.

Candy Bouquet – gift for teachers on valentines day #4

If you think giving a bouquet of flowers as a gift to the teacher is normal, then you can try to give a beautiful bouquet of sweets to the beloved teacher. This candy bouquet will be a sweet gift for your favorite teacher. You can also make it yourself with your creativity.

But if you can’t or can’t make it, then you can order this candy bouquet through your Instagram account @yourloveflorist. You can not only order candy bouquets there, but you can order a variety of bouquets ranging from a bouquet of fresh flowers to a bouquet of snacks.

For the price, it depends on the order. So you can express the amount of budget you have to order this bouquet. Very unique and different right?

If you want to try making your own, you can follow the following video tutorial!

Homemade Flower Vase

You can make functional objects in your own way and creativity. Included in giving gifts or gifts for your beloved teacher. You can make a special gift from the results of your creativity.

Look for items that are easy for you to make yourself. One of the things that is easy to make yourself and suitable as a gift is a flower vase. However, this flower vase still reflects the element of school because it uses stationery as its basic material. Before making it, you have to prepare the ingredients first.

  • Vase with a diameter of 7.5 cm or you can use a used glass bottle or a long plastic cup.
  • 40-50 pieces of wood pencils, you can choose the color according to taste.
  • Tape.
  • Artificial flower.
  • Glue gun.
  • First, apply glue to the pencil. Then, stick vertically on the vase.
  • Next, do the same thing until the vase is tightly closed by a pencil structure.
  • After the vase is completely closed in pencil, take the ribbon and attach it in a circle in the middle of the vase. Paste using glue gun to make it tighter.
  • Be a beautiful pencil vase, then place artificial flowers in it that will make the pencil vase more perfect and beautiful. Like our post on Gift for Teachers on Valentines Day

Unique Umbrellas as gift for teachers on valentines day 2021

Ready umbrella before the rain is the right proverb when the rainy season comes. Rainy season conditions can be an inspiration to give special gifts to beloved teachers, namely in the form of an umbrella. However, to be more special buy a unique umbrella.

Innovative Fancy Unique Design C Handle Umbrellas / Umbrellas can be used traveling because it can be folded. Not only that, this umbrella also has a unique design on the handle in the shape of the letter C, making it easier for you to hold it even though it was raining heavily. The skeleton is made of fiber which is strong against wind.

This unique umbrella will be more special with beautiful message decorations. How to make this beautiful decoration is very easy. Write a message for your beloved teacher on the carton, for example a message or thank you to him who is always patient when giving lessons to you.

Hang the message on the unique umbrella handle that you have purchased. Guaranteed your teacher will be impressed because the gift is very special and also useful for him.

Batik dress

Batik clothes can also be a special gift for your favorite teacher, because they can be worn at various events. There are many clothing stores that sell these typical Indonesian clothes. In fact, you can buy it online.

For example in Zalora which provides Arthesian-Donahue products for men. The price is only Rp 170,800. This shirt is made of cotton so it will feel comfortable to wear. There are front and pocket buttons on this product. Available sizes S to XXL which can be selected according to your teacher’s body size.

Cookies or Cupcake “Thank You Teacher”

As a sign of your gratitude to the teacher, then you can give something sweet to your beloved teacher. For example giving a cake. You can also make your own based on cake recipes in cookbooks or on the internet.

However, if you are not proficient in preparing cakes like this, then you can simply buy or order it in the Chocolate Kitchen which offers a large selection of cakes as a thank you to the teacher.

  • Mocca Cake
    This cake has a combination of mocha cream flavor with a layer of crispy caramelized beans. The price varies starting from IDR 155,000.
  • Red In Black
    This is a chocolate cake coated with crumbs of black biscuits and cream cheese. Prices start from IDR 165,000.

Fruit Parcel

Eating fruits is beneficial for maintaining health. So that your teacher is always healthy and can teach in class every day, then there is no harm in giving a fruit parcel for him as a thank you.

You can order these fruit parcels at fruit shops around the house, and order the fruit arrangements as you wish. If you have more budget, then you can buy fresh fruit parcels that are also equipped with flower arrangements that are very suitable to be given as a token of gratitude and love to your beloved teacher.

You can get Fruit Flower Parcel in Tokopedia. In the basket contains various fruits such as apples, grapes, and oranges. To be more beautiful, this basket is decorated with flowers. A beautiful gift that can be given to your beloved teacher. How about bonus Gifts for Teachers for Valentines Day

Lovely gifts for teacher on valentine’s day 2021

Gift is even more special when it comes with words inside. Therefore, don’t forget to prepare the best greeting for your teacher. The following are examples of sayings that you can give to your beloved teacher.

  • “Every day, you give us tireless knowledge and insights. Until we know things that we didn’t know before. Even though we often make you angry, because of our actions that are sometimes naughty. However, you remain patient and love us. thank you, please accept our small memories, hopefully they can be useful and memorable gifts, we always pray for you to always be in the protection of God and always be given happiness. so that later we can meet with Mother again as a successful and proud person. “

The tradition of giving gifts or exchanging greeting cards with loved ones on Valentine’s Day turns out to have started since the 18th century in England. For you who already have a partner, Valentine’s Day is usually synonymous with spending time together to exchange Valentine’s gifts. The euphoria of this love day is indeed often felt when the month of February comes. Even before the day arrived at the mall and supermarket dominated by flower decorations, heart-colored trinkets, discounts on romantic dinners, and balloons that enliven various places. For those of you who don’t have a Valentine’s gift idea for a loved one, consider the following Valentine gift recommendations from

1. Bouquet of Flowers

A bouquet of flowers is always synonymous on Valentine’s Day, many people are always waiting for those days to express their feelings of love with a bouquet of flowers. Flowers are a form of expression of one’s affection for others. When you feel ashamed to express the intentions of the heart with words, then a bouquet of flowers is the right choice that can express all the words that are held in your heart. Since ancient times, the expression of love can not be far from a bouquet of flowers. Therefore, if someone says that flowers are a symbol of love, of course this has to do with many people who always give flowers to express love to their partners.

2. Chocolate

Chocolate is also one of the things that illustrates the sweetness of love. So giving chocolate gifts is the most popular way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. 8mmideas recommends that you don’t only give ready-made chocolate gifts like those sold at most chocolate shops or pastry shops because this shows nothing special. To be even more unique, you might be able to make your own chocolate for someone you love. If you want to look different again, you can also make chocolate with funny shapes such as drawing a couple’s face, writing funny words or messages of affection.

3. Craft

For you who have creativity in drawing or writing, maybe you are interested in making a craft as a gift for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. You can collect photos that contain moments with loved ones, then collect them on a large frame. Or, you can also draw a sketch of a couple’s face to make a scrapbook that contains messages and happy memories with your partner from the beginning you established love until now. Not interesting enough to try?

4. Romantic Dinner

Many activities can be done when Valentine’s Day arrives. If other couples usually give gifts to loved ones, you might be able to give a romantic dinner decorated with candles in a fancy restaurant. Don’t forget to decorate your dining table as romantic as possible. To add romance on Valentine’s Day, you can give an extra love letter on the dining table.

Share our Gifts for teacher on valentine’s day post. Also read Traditional 50th anniversary gifts for Christmas.

5. Perfume

Perfume is also often identified as one of the romantic gifts on Valentine’s Day that never fails. If you are interested in giving a gift of perfume to someone dear, indirectly you will always be in his mind every time he uses or smells the perfume from you. Perfume is sometimes associated with intimacy, so it’s suitable to give this perfume from a couple who’ve been together for quite a long time. Moreover, for the selection of tastes, because the longer you know your partner, of course you will also increasingly understand the taste of perfume that he likes.

6. Jewelry

Jewelry is a symbol of love that has been known since ancient times. Giving jewelry to a loved one can be a form of affection. It’s no wonder why many historical moments in your love relationships such as marriage and marriage are marked by jewelry symbols. In addition to showing affection, giving jewelry gifts on Valentine’s Day can also give happiness to couples and strengthen your love relationships.

7. Pop Up Balloon Messages

For those of you who want to give a more unique Valentine’s gift, you might be able to give a balloon message pop up. Choose several balloons that have been filled with helium gas, then you tie them together and put them in a fruit box. In the balloon ties, you can add a greeting card containing a romantic message. So when your partner opens the box, the balloon series will bounce up and show the greeting card to your girlfriend. The sweet surprise will make your partner feel happy and reminisce about that fun moment every day.

8. Holiday tickets together

Valentine’s gift can indeed be anything, one of the choices of gifts that would make a surprise is to ask her to go on vacation together. Every holiday certainly makes a special story, especially if you go on vacation with your partner. Even though you go to the same place, but the story you will get is definitely different from the one you have ever felt. A romantic gift in the form of a holiday that you give to your partner on Valentine’s Day will certainly provide an unforgettable experience for you both. Exciting experiences such as getting lost in a new place, trying unique foods, the sensation of outdoor adventure, will surely be very special to be remembered later.

9. Concert Tickets

For those of you who have the same musical tastes as a partner, there’s no harm in you giving a gift in the form of a concert ticket for your favorite band. No need to watch an outdoor band concert, if there are music gigs from your favorite local band, it might also be a memorable reference for Valentine’s gift. The prize of watching the concert together will certainly provide an exciting and romantic experience for both of you.

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