50 Traditional College Graduation Gifts for her / Wife / Woman 2022

Traditional College Graduation Gifts for her / Wife 2021- Graduation is perhaps one of the most important and historic moments in a woman’s life. Giving a traditional college graduation gifts for her who is your best woman or wife could be challenging task. We have provided the top list of traditional college graduation gift for her. Also read : Thank you gifts for school counselors.

When you get to your graduation period, of course there is one thing on your mind that immediately comes to mind, which is a tremendous relief because you have successfully completed all the challenges during college. No wonder the moment of graduation is considered so special because it is synonymous with a sign that someone officially enters his adult life. Therefore, graduation celebrations are always carried out with great joy. You will get lots of congratulations from your friends and receive various gifts. Likewise if there are people closest to you who are celebrating graduation. If you need gift ideas for graduation besides flowers, maybe the following 8 graduation gift ideas for girls and boys can be useful for you.

traditional college graduation gifts for her

Top Traditional College Graduation Gifts for her/ Woman/Wife:

1. Journal Book

Now there are many journals that are deliberately designed as needed. Some are designed to record activities, some are designed to write down personal developments every day. The designs also vary, in fact there are several places that allow you to design your own design. Giving a journal book as a graduation gift will also be quite useful and become a graduation gift idea for the most attractive guy. If the person who gives the gift a watch so that the recipient always remembers the time, you can say that giving a gift is a journal so that he will remember what he has been through in the world of work later. Also read: Going away to college gifts for friends.

2. Watches

Watches are indeed suitable as graduation gifts for girlfriends. Having a romantic value, a watch will be useful as a timepiece for those who wear it. The tips for choosing a watch for your friend or partner is to choose a watch that suits their character. This is to further convince them that they are a special person because you have given a watch according to their criteria and even their taste.

3. Pens

After graduation, your friends or spouse must have thought about the world of work. Of course there is an item that must always be there and useful when someone has entered the world of work, one of which is a pen. Although currently in the world of work more often use computers or laptops, pens are still often needed. Every now and then people will use a pen to write notes or just sign.
Well, at this graduation ceremony, this is the right moment for you to give a pen as a Traditional College Graduation Gifts for her for the most useful man. Pens can be said to be useful and memorable gifts because they will always be taken when your friends or spouse enter the world of work. So, what are you waiting for, give a pen gift at your friend’s graduation moment. Don’t forget to choose a pen that is elegant yet unique.

4. Powerbank

In today’s sophisticated era, of course, daily activities will always require a cellphone. And maybe everyone has realized that the most annoying thing is when carrying a cellphone but the battery suddenly runs out and has to be charged but there is no electric current near you. For this reason, Powerbank can be the best choice of graduation gifts and is very useful for your friends and partner. Because of its small shape, easy to use and very useful, of course Powerbank can be a useful graduation gift for boys during their graduation.

5. Perfume

Unlike girls, most guys don’t have much insight into perfume. In fact, most of them do not care at all about the brand and type of perfume, the important thing is that the fragrance and smell are not too annoying on the nose. Many also don’t use perfume because maybe deodorant is enough. For those of you who are looking for a graduation gift for a male friend or partner, perfume can be a suitable gift especially for those who are about to enter the world of work. Maybe in the world of work her appearance will change later, by giving perfume, you will have solved a problem that she might face.

6. Work Shoes

After graduation, a person will think about what he will do next, possibly choosing to work or continue studying to the next level. However, most people will choose to work. Well, the needs of working people will be different from the needs of people in college, one of which is the need for shoes. During college, some people are more comfortable wearing sneakers than formal shoes for work. Well, here you can give a useful gift in the form of work shoes.
Work shoes are indeed suitable as the most useful Traditional College Graduation Gifts for her because knowing your friend or partner’s shoe size means that you have more attention to them. Work shoes also have a variety of styles, but try to choose one that is comfortable to wear with the best leather. Don’t forget to choose work shoes in neutral colors so that they are suitable for wearing with any colored clothes. In addition, choose work shoes that match the character of the person you want to gift so that they are comfortable wearing them and remember them as graduation gifts from their closest people.

7. Vacation Tickets

Tired of struggling in college, taking a break and enjoying the beauty of the natural scenery is certainly something everyone has been waiting for. If you have a large enough budget, maybe you can give holiday tickets as a graduation gift for your friend or partner. Providing vacation tickets will certainly be quite beneficial for them to get fresh air after struggling in the last few years. You can also relax together while spending time together as if making up for the busy time of writing your thesis and neglecting you.

8. Briefcase

Entering the world of work later, of course everyone needs a bag. Never mind work, for college and even hanging out, many people require them to carry bags. For this reason, giving a bag as a graduation gift feels like the right choice. As a friend or partner, you might know a little about his daily life during college, such as what he usually brings to the bag model he likes. You just have to adjust the taste of your friend or partner to the ability of your wallet.

DIY Traditional College Graduation Gifts for her 2021

Graduation is one of the phases of life that is passed after completing the obligations in college. This certainly deserves to be appreciated with congratulations and gifts. The reason is, those who are graduating will soon enter the next phase of life.

Confused about giving Traditional College Graduation Gifts for her besides flowers, of course to friends at graduation? Don’t worry, IDN Times has 10 great prize alternatives! Anything?

1. Graduation Cake as Traditional College Graduation Gifts for her

10 Special Gifts You Can Give to Friends During Graduation

Cakes don’t only have to be present at birthdays, joyful moments like graduation also need their presence. In fact, you can order a cake with graduation ornaments. This is sure to surprise your friends with the uniqueness of the cake shape you give.

2. Unique Plaque

During the graduation procession, the graduates will certainly receive a plaque from the university. However, this plaque is uniform and seems stiff. So, you can make a placard with your own design as a gift. Just make a placard with a caricature of your friend’s face along with an eccentric greeting, this will certainly be a unique and memorable gift. In fact, this plaque can be juxtaposed with a placard from a university. Isn’t that interesting?

3. Videos as a Traditional College Graduation Gifts for her

Videos can be words that seem ordinary and feel special. Just make a video greeting and give a snippet of the moments you have been through together. Not only will you feel impressed, your best friend will also be touched. In fact, this video can be played at any time and can be a remedy to miss when later you are busy working and rarely see each other.

4. Scrapframe or Scrapbook

If you are a creative person, you can really make a scrapframe or a scrapbook . Collect all the photos during your time together, as well as unforgettable unique moments. Also write down your message, impression, and good wishes for him.

5. Caricature

10 Special Gifts You Can Give to Friends During Graduation

The painting of a friend who is graduating will certainly look funny as well as personal. However, this painting doesn’t have to be on paper. You can look for other media that will make your gift even more unique.CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE BELOW

6. Snack Bucket

10 Special Gifts You Can Give to Friends During Graduation

Flowers don’t last long and can only be used as display. To make your prize more functional, you can give a snack bucket . This gift is also suitable for your friends who really like to eat snacks. Believe me, he will definitely be thrilled to be given a snack parcel after the tiring graduation procession is over.

7. Dolls and Balloons

10 Special Gifts You Can Give to Friends During Graduation

The combination of dolls and balloons can also be used as a Traditional College Graduation Gifts for her option. The bright colors of the balloons will make the atmosphere even more cheerful, as will the dolls. You don’t have to give a teddy bear, you can choose your friend’s favorite character doll (Doraemon, Stitch, Tazmania, Tweety and so on) then add graduation attributes.

8. Doll Bouquet

If the flower bouquet will wilt quickly and cannot be stored for a long time, you can give a doll bouquet. Choose your friend’s favorite miniature doll character then assemble it in a jumbo-sized bouquet.

9. Graduation sculpture from clay.

10 Special Gifts You Can Give to Friends During Graduation

As with plaques, this clay statue can also be a gift for your friends who are graduating. Besides being able to be saved, this gift also feels personal. The reason is, you can add things that are characteristic of your best friend to the clay statue.

10. Ring application, but if the boyfriend graduation.

You can give a cover ring to a friend who is indeed your girlfriend. This will make him really feel surprised and happy. He has just gone through a life phase, it’s okay if you invite him to go through the next phase of life together. The moment of graduation is also perfect for gathering moments between two large families. How, fun right?

So, what number gift will you give to your friend later?

Best College Graduation Gifts for Wife/ Woman

Choosing a Traditional College Graduation Gifts for her is a tricky thing. You have to know what the potential gift recipient likes and doesn’t like. Surely you will choose a useful and unforgettable gift for your friend’s graduation moment. And below, there are some items that will remind him of the struggle to pass that you can choose for a graduation gift for your friend: 

1.  Portable Mug

A portable mug is a practical gift for any graduate and is guaranteed to come in handy in the life of your friend.

2.  Laptop

If you are a rich person and your friend is very special, then you can give him a very special gift too, which is a laptop that will definitely be very useful for his work activities. Frame Diploma: this gift will ensure that the hard diplomas they earn make it on the wall.

3.  E-Book Reader 

Currently E-books have been popular among students and other circles. Kammu can give E-Book readers as a graduation gift. The goal is that the recipient of the prize can easily reread and reminisce about the years of writing his thesis or final assignment.

4.  Office Bags

An office bag can also be an option for you to make a gift for graduation friends. After graduation, he will definitely enter the world of work, this bag will show your support for him.

5.  The diploma frame 
Prizes aim to frame the diploma they work hard to earn.

6.  Cookware
This gift should be given to a female friend, aiming to remind her to learn to cook even though she is already busy with various jobs.

7.  Digital camera
You can give him a digital camera. This gift aims to capture this special moment.

8.  Online job search engine 
Graduation is something to look forward to and getting a job is something that must be obtained immediately after ending college. So, this gift is to help your friends to find job vacancies.

9.  Suitcase 
This object will be very much needed by your friends when they are going to continue their studies or looking for a job to bring the items they need.

10.  Cookbook
This gift will be a special gift for a woman friend, because giving gifts of this object means you are helping her prepare for her future as a wife.

11.  Bicycles 
Completing the final project will definitely cause fatigue in someone’s mind. Cycling fun might treat fatigue and turn it into a new spirit.

12.  Graduation dolls
This graduation doll can be a simple attractive gift for your friends, because its shape which is similar to a person who is graduating will remind you of the graduation moment.

These are the best Traditional College Graduation Gifts for her in 2021 to give the woman whom you like.

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