33 Sympathy Gifts For the Loss of a Mother

Sympathy gifts for the loss of a mother – Seeing a loved one go through a period of mourning or a period of intense pain for the inevitable problems of life is not easy. We do not even know what to say and how to act to try to alleviate some of the suffering. “Should I pay a visit?”, “Is it better to keep the person quiet?”, “Can I ask about the health status of the relative who is sick?” are some of the common doubts of everyone who feels an expectation of a drama film starring a friend, colleague or relative.

There were so many displays of affection and support that I spent the last months of mourning wanting to list everything I could remember that they did for me and that allowed my days to be lighter. Follow 🙂

The beauty of sympathy gifts is that they are a tangible and effective way to communicate your support. While many cultures and ethnicities have in common the provision of food and other perishable items, there are tons of other things to give to express your condolences to the bereaved.

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The important thing is that the gifts are thoughtful and sincere; thus, your recipients will find comfort and consolation in the attention expressed by your presents. For more tips on helping a grieving loved one, see this article .

When to send a sympathy gift

It is often best to send the gifts as soon as you hear the news of the death, but if this is not possible, send them later. Some people prefer to send sympathy gifts to mark a special occasion, such as the birthday or wedding anniversary of the deceased rather than during the mourning period. No matter when the gift is offered, it’s the thought behind it that really matters. 

Remember that a person who faces a death is often very surrounded and in the heart of many attentions the first days. A few weeks later, after the ceremony, the attentions became less and less. To receive a thought, when it looks like everyone has already turned the page, will relieve the bereaved, show him that there is still someone who thinks of him and will do him so much good.

Sympathy gifts for the loss of a mother :

  • Funeral or sympathy flowers : Flowers are a wonderful representation of the beauty of nature and can be offered to those who are experiencing a loss, especially if the deceased appreciated flowers; they can serve as a loving reminder of the things he loved. Several varieties of flowers are perfectly suited to offer condolences and you can have them delivered to the home of the person for whom they are intended.
  • Lighting a virtual candle: burning candles has long been a way of celebrating the end of a life. You can take this tradition a step further by lighting a commemorative virtual candle in honor of the deceased. You can do this on a website that offers you the chance to light candles on the obituary page and write a tribute to the deceased. The beauty of commemorative virtual candles is that they can be seen from anywhere in the world by anyone, anytime, and can be used as an online commemoration, giving bereaved people the opportunity to reread these written words. for their missing loved ones. This candle continues to be visible online. It can be eternal. 
  • Commemorative trees: You can also choose a commemorative tree. These are planted in someone’s memory. They can span several decades, acting as the legacy of the deceased. Commemorative trees can be planted in the home of the deceased or given to a place the deceased loved, such as a park or forest. Planting a tree is an ecological way to help the future of our magnificent planet in a critical period in the face of global warming. It’s a bit like giving life again. These are available in our commemorative store .
  • Gift baskets: Even if they are commonly offered as condolence gifts, they still contain the power to communicate love, attention and compassion. Sympathy gift baskets are often filled with edible items like fruits, desserts, cookies, pastries, cheeses, chocolates or dried nuts and they show recipients that you are thinking of them. Many people find it comforting to eat and you would be surprised to see how comforted your loved ones will be by diving into your basket to take out the treats. For a more special touch, you can fill your baskets with a wide variety of gourmet food products. 
  • Souvenirs: If you have artistic flair, you can make souvenir items for the deceased or give this mandate to someone. Jewels, photographs, letters, stories and favorite poems of the deceased can be assembled in a special album to which the bereaved can always refer to remember the beautiful memories. Whether it is a father, mother, grandparent, missing brother or sister, memories are particularly powerful in filling the void left by loss. 

Sympathy Gift ideas for the Loss of a Mother

1. Send messages of affection every morning;
2. Adopt the practice of “1 hug a day”;
3. Leave a surprise chocolate at the entrance of the person’s building;
4. Offer help to take care of children, animals or plants;
5. Offer help to clean the house and make it more pleasant;
6. If the problem is a hospitalized loved one, offer company for visits or even sleep in the hospital;
7. Invite that person to a nice lunch;
8. Be a patient and empathetic listener;
9. It is important to make the person feel wanted and understood even if the focus of the whole family and friends is someone sick;
10. If you are a co-worker, offer support in daily tasks and even to cover meetings and the like that the person cannot or needs to attend;
11. If you are a boss, be understanding and allow flexible hours;
12. Invite that person to do something playful / artistic together: paint some screens, write a story, cook something delicious…
13. Give this person something you did yourself, thinking and putting positive energies in it;
14. If you live far away, take the first bus / car / plane to hug that person and offer a friendly shoulder when things get tough;
15. Offer logistical help to solve something or some bureaucracy that the person cannot due to work, distance or inability to deal with;
16. If you are a doctor, psychologist or holistic therapist, offer technical help for the person’s well-being;
17. Include the person and the context of the difficult moment in your prayers, prayers and the like;
18. Show empathy without comparing pain. Be aware that even if you have been through a similar situation, each person reacts to life’s problems differently. Avoid the cliché “I know how you feel”;
19. Leave a note stating how much you admire the fact that the person is being strong and surviving the turbulent moment;
20. Invite that person to fluff pets – if he likes – and / or take a walk in the middle of nature;
21. Indicate meditation techniques and / or applications and other practices that promote well-being;
22. Promote a moment of “decompression” with the person: either for a weekend or a day. It is worth inviting for a short trip or a cultural tour in which the problem is in the background;
23. Never judge that person’s tears or suffering, even if you think you would react differently;
24. Caring for family members when the loved one has no strength to support others besides himself;
25. Prepare tea or hot chocolate to calm the agitated heart;
26. Invite coworkers to write a loving card for the grieving person’s return to work;
27. In case of death, going to the funeral is important even if it is just to hug and cry together. If it is not possible to be in person with the person, sending flowers and a ticket can make a difference in this difficult time;
28. Change the phrase “if I can help with anything, let me know” for “I’m here, what can I do?”;
29. Helping the person to remember the good things that life has even in times of discouragement – but not to force the bar in times of crisis;
30. If the loss is of someone who is also close to you, make an album with photos and memories and say that it is ready; when the person wants to see it, you present it;
31. Present the person with a massage, tarot, yoga, manicure or anything else that de-stresss a little;
32. Make space if you know the person very well and can identify when he needs to be alone without talking to anyone for a few hours or maybe days;
33. When in doubt about how to act – or if you are not very close to the person – offering a hug is better than doing nothing.

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