Surprise Gifts for Husband on First Wedding Anniversary 2022

Surprise Gifts for Husband on First Wedding Anniversary: First year wedding anniversary is coming and you’re looking to surprise your husband with gifts? Here’s the list of surprise gift ideas for husband for your first wedding anniversary.

That’s it, 1 year of marriage, that’s it! One year that you share your daily life, your happiness and your misfortunes. And you want to mark the occasion for your first year wedding anniversary. But what gifts to give for your husband the cotton wedding? That’s a good question ! Here are 10 cotton wedding gift ideas for you.

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10 Surprise Gifts for Husband on First Wedding Anniversary – cotton wedding 

The cotton wedding marks because it’s your very first wedding anniversary and you want to mark it. Here are 10 gift ideas for your cotton wedding anniversary for your husband!

Surprise Gifts for Husband on First Wedding Anniversary
Surprise Gifts for Husband on First Wedding Anniversary

Cotton wedding gift idea # 1: a photo album of your year

Give her a wonderful photo album of everything you’ve done this year. You will obviously start with the special day of your wedding. Then you will continue with photos of your daily life, your vacation, your weekends, your honeymoon!

Choose a beautiful photo album and leave a small comment under each photo to personalize it as well as possible. It will take time, but it will take you both back to this wonderful first year of marriage. You will be able to already see the evolution of your couple.

It is an ideal gift if you want to move your other half on your cotton wedding anniversary and want to make tears of happiness flow down their face.

Cotton wedding gift idea # 2: An all-white dinner for your cotton wedding

Who says cotton wedding, says white, of course! So plan a delicious all-white dinner for your sweetheart. First of all, dress yourself in white : ankle socks. Then, slide a beautiful white tablecloth on your table. Add white candles, white flowers, white dishes. And of course, cotton flowers .

Now for the recipe! You can pick here ideas for white menus so that everything brings you back to the cotton wedding! Also plan the white underwear for the icing on the cake after your pretty party.

Cotton wedding gift idea # 3: A ski weekend

The budget here is high, that goes without saying. But if you said “yes” to yourself in winter, taking your other half to the mountains will be a great gift for your cotton wedding anniversary.

And yes, who says snow, says white, like cotton! If you go on Airbnb you will be able to find rentals at more than fair prices! One year, we went to Chamonix with Airbnb and we had found accommodation at 35$ a night!

The idea is to give him a total Surprise Gifts for Husband on First Wedding Anniversary. You pack his suitcase in advance and tell her you’re going three days. The idea is that she doesn’t know where!

A gift that will in any case remain forever engraved in the memory of your other half.

Cotton wedding gift idea # 4: an all-white photoshoot

Give her an unforgettable photoshoot where you will both be dressed in white. It’s the perfect gift to boost your bond, laugh together and add a new memory to your long list.

Cotton wedding gift idea # 5: A weekend at the place you met

Did you meet in a special place? Make him re-live all your meeting by organizing the journey of love. Bring him (her) back to where you met, replay the scene. Do the same things again, in the same place if you can!

Declare your love to him again and relive the beginning of your love! An unforgettable gift!

Cotton wedding gift idea # 6: a beautiful love letter

Write her the most beautiful love letter for your cotton wedding anniversary ! What is more beautiful than a love letter? These organized lines form powerful and moving words. This ink, a metaphor for love, which moves on the paper, drawing the most beautiful letters to represent your History, your Love. These chapters that are written on white paper, parchment, and that are inscribed in your heart. These pages which multiply and which represent the sincere love which you carry to your other half. A letter describes feelings so well! A gift that will make him / her shiver with joy!

Surprise Gifts for Husband on First Wedding Anniversary # 7: A cotton gift

This first wedding anniversary is called “Cotton Wedding” so why not give your other half a cotton gift?

You can for example opt for white cotton boxer shorts, a white shirt, a bathrobe, a bed set! Cotton gifts, that’s frankly not what’s missing! And for a small budget, it’s perfect!

Cotton wedding gift idea # 8: A white jewel

So no, the idea is not to offer a cotton jewel, because your darling might be a little disappointed!

Sapphire, Zircon, Topaz, Jade, Agate, Quartz… so many precious stones whose color is white and which will delight your other half! Here is a beautiful example of a white gold and Quartz ring from Gemmyo that will make a woman happy!

Cotton wedding gift idea # 9: A bouquet of white flowers

This is not the most original gift, I grant you, but it is always a pleasure! Whether it’s white roses, white tulips, orchids … A pretty bouquet or a beautiful plant is and will remain a great gift. You can also opt for a bouquet of cotton flowers for more originality!

Cotton wedding gift idea # 10: an extreme surprise

If you are both adventurers endowed with a certain madness, offer him a parachute jump, a helicopter flight, a paragliding baptism … In short, an activity that will make your heart beat at 1000 per hour!

Surprise Gifts for Husband on First Wedding Anniversary # 11: A visit to a cotton field

If you have a big big budget, give him a visit to a cotton field! They are found in Iceland or even in the United States. This would allow you to go on vacation and make your cotton wedding a truly timeless moment!

These are the best collection of Surprise Gifts for Husband on First Wedding Anniversary and if you liked this content share it with your friends and family.

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