Mother’s Day Gift for Ex-Wife From Child on Christmas & Birthday

Mother’s day gift for Ex wife from child: On October 21 mother’s day celebration begin and we are crossing off the days until the arrival of this special date. Mother’s day is ideal to, at least, be at the forefront: Have you already thought of a great mother’s day gift for ex spouse? Although “there is only one mother”, there are many mother’s day gift options available and you can see them in this article!

Mother’s Day Gift for Ex-Wife 2020

We all know that giving Chocolate, Flowers as a mother’s day gift for ex wife is too mainstream idea, So let’s try gifting the separated mother something different.

What mother does not like to dress well or to be – as they say – “fashionable”? Anyone will appreciate a purse or a nice article of clothing (shirt, jacket, shirt, blouse or whatever). Choosing any of these options would be like “playing it safe”, something that would not be bad. We invite you to go further …

Summer Clothing for Mother’s day Gift!

The time of year, and the warmth that already invades us, lends itself to helping your mother to “equip herself” for this hot time. A mesh , a sun hat or even a beach bag are three options with which you will not fail.

Mom’s accessories

Leaving what is clothing and strictly summery, there are several “fashionable” accessories capable of astonishing mother. Regardless of the time of year, there will always be an opportunity for her to wear a ring (engraved with your name and hers?), A necklace or a cute bracelet , especially if it is a gift from you! Also check : gifts for mom who doesn’t want anything.

Mother’s Day Gift for Ex wife who loves Gadgets

We are not going to deny it: there are mothers a little more friendly to the world of technology, and others who are still on the sidelines. The truth is that, in one way or another, technology will always bring you rich options when it comes to thinking about the perfect gift for her. What if this gift ends up being the perfect excuse for you to sit down with her to teach her ? The best Mother’s day gift for Ex wife options for your “tech mom” is

Kindle for reading books

If your mother is not that technology-friendly but a very reader, it is your time to let her know: there are devices specially designed to facilitate reading books . A kindle is like a kind of mini tablet that allows you to download the book you want and read it out of the paper format . They are very comfortable and do not tire your eyes!

Bluetooth speaker

If music is one of your mother’s obsessions, there is no reason why she cannot accompany her everywhere. Portable speakers, the kind that work with bluetooth, there is something for everyone: small, more powerful and even … Water resistant! Brands like JBL or Sony offer you the most prominent options.

The usual Child’s Gift for Mother’s Day

The fact that there are alternatives that are out of the ordinary does not make a smartphone , a tablet or a smart TV any less spectacular , three ideal gifts for a “hyper-connected” mother. If you want to go for a cheaper option, but no less useful, the portable charger never fails.  

Mothers Day Gift for Ex-Spouse who loves Gadgets

Here is a recognition for the most athletic mothers . We know that they all have that restless side, which deserves to be strengthened: What if you are in charge of getting the best out of that “fitness mom”? The sports pilcha is never a bad choice when to give (sports top, jogging, running shoes or whatever you can think of ), but there are other items that, when physical activity, offer your mother a different experience.

Sports bracelet

When sports have that tech component , everything becomes more interesting. These bracelets, similar at first glance to a watch, offer multiple motivational functions for sports: setting goals counting steps and useful information  of all kinds (time, calorie burning, inactivity alerts, etc.). Garmin Fitbit, and Samsung are three brands that offer great options for mom.

Sports bottle

There are bottles that, due to their impermeability and their great capacity to keep the water cold , are made to measure for sports.That fit mom will have no reason not to be hydrated!

Mother’s Day Gift for Separated wife who Travels a Lot

What better than to surprise your mother with a ticket to that destination that she dreamed of so much? Even if it is a weekend on the coast, if it is with you, it will not matter: The experience will be unforgettable for her! , and for you too, obvious. But it doesn’t have to be yes or yes a passage. If your mother is one of those “legal travelers” who carries adventure in her DNA, the range opens up to many interesting options.

To renew the suitcase!

If you are a frequent traveler, but have been using the same suitcase for years, you will not look down on a renovation. Yes, that is a suitcase canchera and good quality , such as offering brands such as Samsonite and Delsey .

Accessories for “travelers”

If you cannot be the one to accompany her on her trip, there are other “companions” who, in the middle of the journey, will be of great help to your mother: pillows to sleep on the plane backpacks books or, why not, a good camera to take the best photos.

DIY Mother’s Day Gift (Ex-wife) from a Child

The below list the guide for how make your mother’s day gift by yourself, something similar to this has been already posted in traditional 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parents.

1.Handmade Pot with Flower

Create your own personalized enamel mug with a cool photo of your mother or the two of you together and transplant a plant into the mug. You can wrap it in an original way where only the plant can be seen, and when you remove the wrapping, you will be surprised with this cool and original pot.

2.Special Canvas Gift for Mother’s Day

Review all the photos you have of your mother that she does not even know exist and create a beautiful canvas to put on the wall of her house. With our free editing program it will be super easy and fast to create a beautiful canvas. Choose the best photo you have of your mother, get a professional finish and surprise her with a gift that is not expected.

3.Cool DIY Cushion

Add some color to your mother’s house and create a personalized cushion with drawings of your grandchildren or yours from when you were young … Or why not, make a drawing that represents something very special for your mother and put it on a personalized cushion that, even though we are older, sometimes it is exciting to unleash our creativity. Just scan the drawings and choose the cushion you like best. 

detail for Mother’s Day  is the best gift you can give. At Sapos y Princesas we select very simple crafts so that children can do them both in class and at home .

4.Heart-shaped keychain

mother's day gift for ex wife

This heart is great to perform with very young children, because it doesn’t require a lot of manual dexterity. They will have a lot of fun playing with the modeling paste.

materials required

  • Pasta FIMO or play dough
  • Heart-shaped mold
  • Colored ink pad
  • Awl
  • Ring
  • and your Mother’s day gift for Ex wife from child is ready!

Steps : for making this mother’s day gift for ex-wife from Child

  1. First you have to shape the pasta, for this we will use the heart-shaped mold (or another figure if you prefer).
  2. The children can then make another heart with their fingerprint on the figure using the colored ink.
  3. Finally, you have to make a hole to hang it, for this you can use an awl.
  4. Bake it in the oven and put a ring to hang the house keys. We can also add a bow instead of a ring and make a pendant.

5. Pot with plant

flowers detail for mother's day

This craft is cheerful, beautiful and also very appropriate for May, the month of flowers. You can decorate your home with a very spring touch.


  • A plastic bottle
  • Wooden clothespins
  • Tempera
  • Scissors
  • flowers
  • Glue


  1. Using scissors, carefully cut the plastic bottle in half.
  2. Later, with tempera, color all the tweezers. Then let them dry.
  3. Finally, place, in the order you prefer, around the pot. You are now ready to put the flowers in it!

6. Spring Flowers for Mom

detail for mother's day

With this colorful idea, younger children will have the perfect excuse to get their hands dirty. A creation suitable for all ages and with the possibility of giving it your personal touch depending on the colors you use.


  • Finger paints
  • Cardboards
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tie
  • Brush


  1. First of all, children have to soak their hands in finger paint and smear it on a white sheet.
  2. When they dry, with the help of scissors, cut it out and stick it on another card.
  3. Finally, with the brush and a little green paint, they will paint the stems.
  4. As a decoration, it would only be necessary to put a bow on the back of the drawing and a nice dedication. The bouquet would be ready for this day!

7. Spring frame

mother's day gift for ex-wife from child

One of the most beautiful crafts to give away. Take advantage of the arrival of the flowers to make your own detail for Mother’s Day.


  • frames
  • Glue gun
  • flowers
  • Towel or cotton cloth
  • 2 refractory fire bricks


  1. First you have to place the cloth on the brick, the flowers on the cloth, cover it with more cloth and put the next brick on top.
  2. Put it in the microwave, it is very important to pay attention to this step (adult supervision will be needed). The fabric must be cotton so that it does not burn and the flowers must be monitored every 10 seconds. In a matter of 1 to 3 minutes it will be ready, although it will depend on the size of your flowers. Don’t crush the bricks or the craft will break!
  3. Place the flowers in the frame and use the glue gun to glue them and leave the bricks on top while they dry. Use another piece of frame glass to give it more sustainability.

So, these are the best Mother’s day gift for Ex wife from child in 2020 that can be given even during Christmas and your mother’s birthday.

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