Lovely Long Distance Gift for Boyfriend

Long distance gift for boyfriend : In the end, the best gift your partner can receive is YOU. So set aside some money and plan a time to be with your loved one. Just by being together, you two are sure to have the best gift of your lives.

40+ Long Distance Gift for Boyfriend in 2020

Gifts in long-distance relationships are great ways to remind your loved one how much you love them, even if they are both so far away. Regardless of the occasion, such gifts will put a smile on his face. You can choose romantic gifts, funny gifts, sexy gifts or practical gifts for everyday use. Remember, it is the intention that counts!Distance relationships are not easy. Make sure to check out the first salary gifts for boyfriend

But that is exactly why gifts were invented! Being away from your partner for a long time can be frustrating in just about every possible way. And we like to put a special emphasis on the lack of intercourse. Not to mention the lack of sex! So sending a gift is a great way to show your loved one that you are thinking of him.So I decided to make a post with suggestions of perfect gifts for long distance relationships, whether they are sexy, cute or fun!

gift for long distance boyfriend

Boxes with delicacies

Many women simply love, love, love to cook for their boyfriends. And they say that men are first conquered by their stomachs, right? So why would long distance relationships be any different? Send your love a box of delicacies with everything roasted and well sealed. Then just wait for compliments for your cooking skills.

Thematic boxes

Paint the inside and outside of a small box with red paint and write “Thinking of you”. Then fill that little box with lots of presents, sweets and red stuff and a sexy picture of you in red lingerie.Finish the box with a love letter, informing your loved one how much you miss him and how much you think of him. This cute box can be sent by men and women, as a lovely display of your affection!

A box of kisses

Some distance relationship gifts are adorable, and this is no exception! Want to send something cute, but cheap, to your love? Buy a bag of Kisses from Hershe, pour the contents into the box and send it with a simple message that says: “I’m sending you a kiss a day!”.

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Put a message in a bottle

This is a more romantic and elegant long distance gift for boyfriend than the previous ones. Send him a timeless message in a bottle. Whether it’s a birthday or if you just want to write a declaration of love, this unique delivery method is impressive, as well as long lasting.

Sleep with double pillowcases

Double pillowcases are an excellent long distance gift for boyfriend for any occasion. And there are several themes. One pillowcase contains part of the design, but the second pillowcase completes the design, just like in a relationship. You can send both your pillowcases to your loved one or you can keep one for yourself. And every time you visit it (or vice versa), you can put the pillowcases together, as it should be.

Photos of good times

Did you know that remembering the good times between you will make you happier? And if you’ve been together for a while, there will probably be a lot of pictures of you having fun together. Why not take some of these photos to create a montage of happy memories?You can do this in an old-fashioned way: with a blank album, a bunch of pictures and a glue. It will be even more significant because he realizes that you did it all yourself. Or you can also use those digital albums, which are also very cute and modern.

“Open when …” letter ideas

Have you ever heard of “Open when …” letters? These little treasures are absolutely perfect for sending to a long-distance love. Basically, send a series of letters or packages in a large package so that your loved one can open it when the time comes. All cards must have different instructions on them, such as:

  • Open when … you miss me

In this letter, tell your loved one how much you miss him and remember all your memories together. Include a picture of yours or the two of you together and send with the letter some of your perfume / cologne. If you are a woman, you can even include a lipstick kiss on the letter itself!

  • Open when … it’s the first day of winter

Talk about all the ways you would like to spend the winter together and draw a picture of the two of you as a couple of snowmen. Gift inclusions can be a pair of winter gloves, a scarf, the perfect button for a snowman or a powder packet for hot chocolate with a lovely mug.

  • Open when … you are missing an affection

In that letter include a sexy photo of yourself, a USB with your favorite sex songs, a vibrator, if you are sending the gift to a woman, a pair of your panties, if you are sending the letter to a guy, and a letter describes everything that you would like to do with your loved one when you finally see him! In this USB you can also include a sexy recording saying very naughty things to him.

  • Open when … you’re mad at me

This letter is a great idea for when you guys have been fighting, since you can be your pre-written excuse for yourself! Because let’s be realistic: no one likes to be begging for forgiveness! Include a single Hershey kiss in that box and let him know that you never meant to hurt his feelings or upset him.Print a photo you found online of two cute animals kissing and write: “I’m sorry. Shall we kiss and make up?” If this incredibly cute box doesn’t end your fight or at least improve a little the situation, I don’t know what to do!

Matching Mugs

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or not, matching mugs have become an internet sensation regarding gift ideas. Find cute “He and She” mugs. For example, have mugs with both countries / states / cities in them, or have mugs saying “Good morning, beautiful” and the other “Good morning, beautiful”. There is nothing more cute than knowing that you are starting your day together, even in a distance relationship!

Create a countdown

There are many free countdown apps that allow you to set a date to wait for. Use a photo of you two and set your phone’s background for your next special date.Whenever you or your partner feel lonely or overwhelmed by the sadness of distance, look at the countdown as a motivating reminder that it is only a matter of time.

Send a photo of chocolate

Chocolate is the cure for everything! Boy, ALWAYS remember this: when your girlfriend is having a rough week, you MUST send them a set of chocolate bars. And they can be printed with any photograph, logo or image of your choice. Isn’t that a delicious idea? You can even personalize it with things other than photos, like internal messages or jokes. You will be a hero thousands of miles away.

Organize a remote birthday party

More importantly: get a cake (a birthday party is not a party without a cake, haha)! Have a cake for yourself and order one for your loved one to receive at his house. Buy his favorite cake, call your friends and call your loved one on Skype. Sing the congratulations, blow out the candles and celebrate! I was part of a long distance birthday party and it’s a lot of fun. 

My friend’s boyfriend said he loved celebrating his birthday that way. :)If time zones don’t allow for a live, shared birthday party, you can record a video with everyone’s birthday wishes and then send it to your partner. And make sure you are talking to him when he sees the video, so you can see his reaction live!

Submit a special custom video

Be creative and make a video with a lot of ideas. If you don’t know what to do, here’s an inspiration: record a little bit throughout the day. Record a little of what you do (Snapchat style). Ask your friends to say hello, film a round of beers with your companions at the bar, have a sexy performance at home … Let your imagination run and think about what your partner would like to see =) It’s simple, cute, sexy and extremely romantic!

Leave surprise notes EVERYWHERE

This is the perfect long distance gift for boyfriend if you have found your loved one and they will have to part. Hide little notes of love all over his house: in his underwear drawer, put in his socks, wallet, shirt pocket, office bag, notepad, etc. Before returning to Brazil, I set aside a time when Aaron was not at home and hid these notes throughout the house. 

He kept meeting them for weeks!It was such a simple “gift”! And I found out that he kept them all. And I was very touched, too. I consider it the best gift I have ever given him. S2Those are just a few ideas. In the end, what matters most is that you love each other. Being together is very important and special, but know that you can transform the separate moments into something very special too.

You met a wonderful person. Her scent pleases you, her company is pleasant and you feel like you’re in the clouds when you are together. However, you discover that she lives far away, or fate alienates you later on because of a work project, an  exchange  or any other type of moving home that was necessary. Yes,  distance dating  is not easy and it takes courage and creativity to show what you feel without being able to touch your loved one. So a  long distance gift for boyfriend is a great idea to surprise and connect with those who can’t be close! Also if your boyfriend is moving away then read this article on gifts for friends moving away.

We have the perfect long distance gift for boyfriend for you and you will understand why!

Long Distance Gift for Boyfriend

When you can’t just stop by the boyfriend’s house and give him a big hug, you need to use your creativity when it comes to showing your feelings. It is never easy to be in a long-distance relationship – and the kilometers double during holidays and weekends, right? Here are some ideas to make you feel closer to your better half.

1. The classic phone call

Remember the days when your phone rang and you ran out to see who it was? Sometimes, there is nothing better, talk close to the ear to sleep. Texting is easy, a long phone conversation may even be what you need.

2. Love letters

With technology everywhere, take a step back: sit down and write a letter. Writing your thoughts on paper gives you more time to process them and the handwriting personalization (no matter how messy or unreadable) gives 7 X 1 in any text you type (the 1 refers to the speed with which you type, lol).

3. Flowers forever

Instead of spending a ton of money on flowers that will die in a few weeks, do something that can last forever. Fold some origami flowers (you can even include cute animals or other objects) and send them.

4. A special gift

Whether cushions or cups, personalized long distance gift for boyfriend are always a good thing. Bet on something like a necklace with coordinates from somewhere special for you, for example.

5. Create a Scrapbook

Get glue, scissors and pictures! Make pages from a scrapbook. Draw silly doodles and reflect on the good times you had together.

6. Exchange coupons

While you can’t spend the day together, make coupons for each other to use for the next date. They can range from inside jokes to practical things. Create them digitally or manually.

7. Book a surprise date

Plan a dinner or movie for your partner and a friend or relative. Although you cannot be there, they can spend time with someone else who will make them feel special and loved.

8. Watch a movie

Call or video chat with your romantic partner while you start a movie at the same time. It may be a romantic comedy or a new thriller that neither has seen before. It will be like being in the cinema together.

9. Start a blog together

It can be private or public, but share your love and everyday life on a blog. Both can write posts and the bonus is that it can go on for a long time. Vlogging is an option if you are more into the wave of videos.

10. Plan a surprise visit

This definitely needs a lot of planning and would be a little easier to do if there were less miles between you two. With ticket prices so expensive at the moment, you can visit your best half any weekend around. Your day is every day, right?

11. Send a stuffed animal

It may be cliché, but sending a stuffed animal to each other has its charm. Sleep with the pet, hug it, take it for a walk as you would like to do with your partner.

12. Cook “together”

Set up your video camera, organize your ingredients and make something sweet! Talk while you’re making each other’s favorite dessert . Enjoy the sweets together and, if possible, send some by mail!

13. Go somewhere new

Each of you goes to a new place. Perhaps it is the secret park near your home or a cafe near the river. Make a video call and take the opportunity to show the place where you will bring your loved one when they come to visit.

14. Start a series of poems

Send love poems throughout the day. Remember: they are never ridiculous. This can also be done with music.

15. Have someone take care of you

Ask someone in his family to make a neat meal and take him for a walk on your behalf. Keep plans secret until the last minute to surprise you with the special long distance gift for boyfriend.

16. Make a project

Develop a project while chatting on video, be it a card or a painting (depending on how artistic you are). Don’t let the other know what it is until the two are done and unveil their respective masterpieces.

17. Plan a vacation

You may not spend the day together, but plan for the future. Look for flights to places you both want to go. Look for cool things you want to do in different cities and hotels that you could stay at. This is going to be fun.

17. Make a message bottle

Get on the phone (or computer) and remember your time together and write down how those memories made you feel. Keep them in a jar / bottle and deliver it the next time you are in the same place.

19. Give a pet

This is an idea only if you know that your partner is ready (and able) to care for another living being besides you. If you guys talked desperately about getting a pet, then surprise him / her with one! This way, he / she will have all the love he / she deserves while you are not around.

20. Say “I love you”

And to keep from repeating it all the time, you can use different languages. It is really cool to text every day before bed, or at the end of emails and why not written on several cards sent by mail?See also: How to say “I love you” in 98 languages ​​❤️

These are the amazing long distance gift for boyfriend we have curated and hope you love them. If you like this article then kindly share it with your friends.

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