Gift for Sister in Law you Don’t Like

Gift for Sister in Law you Don’t Like : Let’s face it, everyone has a sister-in-law that doesn’t care about others in her family. So what would you gift that type of sister in law whom you really don’t like at all? Let it be Christmas, New years eve, Anniversary, Birthday or any special occasion for your sister-in-law just not gifting her is a great insult that you’re gifting her(that’s the point). Well if you’d like to gift her something funny or useless then here’s the list of best gift for sister in law you don’t like.

Funny Gift for Sister in Law you Don’t Like

The revolver mug : the message couldn’t be clearer. You are jubilant to see your worst enemy drink their coffee in it, if only she could pull the trigger …


The poo cushion : a cushion that says a lot.


The glass that will make him want to drink : a great thirst? Give him the least practical glass in the world, stains on his brand new shirt will be waiting for you.


The little spoon that hides its contents : teach your dear friend that life is not so simple, especially with this spoon!


The special cup for burning your hands : to make pretty blisters on your fingers as a bonus.


The moumoute mug , or the most useless mug ever. Because “you never know, it can always be useful”. In addition, it is the only mug in the world that is not dishwasher safe. 


The overflow container : another idea to burn your hands! 


The special diet range : a little unsightly overweight? Let him know discreetly.


The watering can : with this unusual gift, the sprinkler is watered!

A very ugly green plant : a subliminal and very distinguished way to gently make Sophie understand what she represents for you.


The ejection chair : the chair where it is impossible to sit quietly. 


The chair without seat : the chair where it is impossible to sit. Convenient for playing musical chairs on your own.


The key to worries : it is not the key to happiness, far from it!


The broomstick : the uncomfortable broom that hurts your back. Dirt can pile up. 


The chair that doesn’t love you : this chair pushes you back.


The useless cup : for a useless person. 


The special saucepan to burn yourself : be careful, hot in front!


The covers of anguish : the urge to eat will quickly pass.


A backup brain : you never know, it can always be used!

Other gift for sister-in-law you don’t like :

While some are lucky enough to run into their best buddy, others find themselves having to look for a gift for someone they don’t have in their hearts. What to do in this case? Forgetting to buy something on purpose? No, we got better. How about giving a gift that subtly means “I could never snatch you but I have to give you something” ? Here is our selection:

  1. Too small shoes – “If you wear them a bit, they will get bigger”
  2. A boring book – It changed my outlook on life”
  3. A pregnant mouse – “You who dreamed of a whole bunch of kids!”
  4. Concert tickets in another city – “40 kilometers, it’s not that far”


Between birthdays, Christmas, weddings and other occasions, one should always give gifts. And finding the right one isn’t always that easy. Besides, when you don’t like someone, it’s hard to find the really rotten gift and these are the most hilarious gift for sister in law you don’t like!

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