End of the Year gifts for Sunday School Students & Teachers 2022

End of the year gifts for sunday school Students 2021 – There are many ways to show your love for the students who learnt from you. Giving a end of the year gifts for sunday school student is one of the best way to motivate them. Here below we have provided the best list of end of the year gifts for sunday school students that you can present them.

I believe that there is no person who has never had the desire to give a gift to their teacher, whether it be in kindergarten, elementary or even high school. There will always be a teacher who will be present in your life. Also read : Gifts for teachers on valentine’s day

end of the year gifts for sunday school students

End of The Year Gifts for Sunday School Students :

One of the most important professions for society is the profession of teachers. After all, they play an important role in the formation of people, not only teaching subjects, but also providing guidance on ethical and moral concepts, helping to develop critical opinions and respect for differences, among many other things.

Therefore, when it is time to thank the work and dedication of this professional, students should be careful in the present. Simple and creative ideas are the best options. Check out a list of 30 End of the year gifts for sunday school Students & Goodbye gifts for piano teacher.

List of End of The Year Gifts for Sunday School Students :

  1. Water bottlesEnd of the year gifts for sunday school students #1

Because they work with their voices and need to speak all day, teachers always need to hydrate their vocal cords by drinking water. In fact, most of these professionals live with a bottle of water on the classroom table. So a good quality or personalized squeeze can be a good gift idea.

  1. Thermal cupEnd of the year gifts #2

Another cool idea is the thermos cups, which are used to keep drinks hot or cold for longer. Ideal for teachers who love to drink tea or coffee, for example. If your teacher is a fan of a character or movie / series, look for glasses with the theme. In the photo below we selected the Wonder Woman cup.

  1. Personalized mugsEnd of the year gifts for school students #3

Mugs are also great suggestions, especially when personalized, with phrases for teachers. See how amazing the option below, with the phrase “Profe, your classes are the best”.

  1. Cup restEnd of the year gifts for sunday school kids #4

Or maybe a cup rest kit? In the market you will find several cool and fun options, like the ones in the photo below, that imitate vinyl records. Another legal option is for students to create pillows themselves, for example, using toothpicks of sorts. Teachers love to receive gifts that were made by their students.

  1. Custom pillowEnd of the year gifts for sunday school learners#5

There are several stores that accept orders to customize pillows, but you will also find options like the one in the photo below in online stores. Pillows are great gifts and your teacher will surely love it.

  1. Calendar or notebooks

At the end of the year calendars are great gift options and notepads can be given at any time of the year. Every teacher needs these items to organize day-to-day tasks and also to write down ideas and inspirations. I don’t know any teachers who don’t like stationery. Also read gifts for veterinary students.

  1. Handmade cardEnd of the year presents for sunday school students #6

Children can bet on handmade cards to thank and gift their teachers. So the child will also be showing some of the skills he developed in class. Just to illustrate, we took a really cool idea, where the flower is the children’s hands and the phrase says “Thank you for helping me grow”.

  1. Pen kitEnd of the year gifts #7

Teachers use pens all the time and the whole year, so this is the kind of gift that never hurts. The basic colors, like blue, black and red, are great and very useful.

  1. Pen caseEnd of the year gifts #8

And how about taking the opportunity to also present your teacher with a beautiful case. This is the kind of thing that every year teachers need a new one.

  1. Pencil holderEnd of the year gifts #9

Or maybe you prefer to give the pens inside a beautiful pencil holder. One tip is to bet on the pieces that the student himself can make, such as those made of ice cream sticks.

  1. Bags or backpacksEnd of the year gifts #10

To carry the books and materials needed for day-to-day work, teachers need good bags, preferably large ones. Choose side bags or backpacks, according to your teacher’s personal style and taste.

  1. Notebook cover

Teachers also use the notebook a lot for classes or even to manage their tasks and, therefore, carry this equipment up and down all the time. Notebook covers are great for protecting and also helping to carry it wherever you need it.

  1. pen drive

Pen drives are also great gifts for teachers. Look for a different one, like these cute owls. In fact, owls are the symbol of wisdom and, therefore, have everything to do with teachers.

  1. Books

Books are always great gift options for everyone who loves to read. And that teacher doesn’t like to read, right? Try to find a book in the style of literature that your teacher likes and hit the nail on the head with an incredible gift.


Bookmarks are great, especially those where you can make notes and markup. It will be very useful for your teacher, you can be sure.

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  1. Bookcase

Another great idea is the book sideboards, which you will easily find in bookstores and decoration stores. There are incredible and creative options that are sure to please your teacher.

  1. Organizing boxes

Organizing boxes are great for storing class materials and filing old things, but they are still important. If the student is willing to try to create a handmade organizing box.

  1. Folding folders

Another thing that is very useful for teachers is these folding folders, which can be great gifts also to help in the organization of everyday life.

  1. Paper weight

Paper weights are useful and are also pieces that help decorate the work table of professionals. Look for beautiful pieces to give to your teacher.

  1. Chocolate boxes or kits

Most people love chocolate, so this is a gift that is often very successful. If your teacher fits this profile, look at chocolate shops for kits with chocolates, truffles, etc.

  1. Flower pots

In addition to being a very delicate gift, the flower pots are great gifts for people who like to care for flowers and plants. The cool idea of ​​the photo below is to paint the vase with that chalkboard paint, where you can write a message for the teacher.

  1. Breakfast baskets

Students can get together and create a beautiful breakfast basket, with some cookies, juices and etc. Surely the teacher will love receiving this surprise early.

  1. Picture frames

Picture frames are great gifts. Make a frame yourself and post a picture of the class or a picture of the student with the teacher.

  1. Teacher T-Shirts

There are some stores, both physical and online, that make special t-shirts for various professions. Look for a model with a very nice phrase to give to your teacher and don’t miss the size.

  1. Beauty kit

Every woman likes to take care of herself and win gifts for caring people. Kits with deodorants, perfumes, sabotes, are always welcome.

  1. Hand cream

Teachers’ hands deserve special attention, especially those who still work in schools that use blackboard and chalk.

  1. Face towels

Every professional who spends the whole day away from home needs a hygiene kit to carry and he cannot miss a face cloth. How about giving your teacher an embroidered and fun towel like the one in the photo below?

End of the year gifts for Sunday School Teachers :

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  1. Pen: this is a classic gift and has everything to do with the professional. Whether male or female, there will always be a model that matches the profile of a teacher.
  2. Agenda: especially at the end of the year, it is a great graduation gifts for teacher, as the teacher is a category that is always working with dates and planning. The tip is personalized calendars with photos of the class, names of all students, etc.
  3. Case: a self-respecting teacher has a case and, as he uses it very often, he is always in need of a new one, so it may be a good graduation gifts for teacher to give your teacher a case as a gift. A suggestion to leave original is to choose a clear fabric case and the students in the room sign their names with a fabric pen.
  4. Eraser case : this is a very important work tool for the teacher, and a new case is always welcome, especially if it is personalized with the teacher’s name or painted in your favorite color.
  5. Bags: teacher carries a lot of material. Nowadays, the market offers various types of handbags, executive type, bags and briefcases with different departments and with space for electronic devices, such as tablets , cell phones, among others.
  6. Protective notebook covers: it is a graduation gifts for teacher that you can leave very original, if you have the removable notebook cover made in a seam of fabric like jeans, denim or canvas, adding pockets, pen holders and always giving the touch of personality by putting a name , favorite teacher characters, etc.
  7. Water bottles: the teacher is always in the classroom and can hardly leave the room, so in addition to all the material he carries, he always carries a small bottle of water. A good gift can be a squezze- type bottle , with a lid and that is thermal to keep it hot or cold.
  8. Hand towel: for those who want to leave their mark, you can choose a hand towel in your teacher’s favorite color and have the name embroidered or even write a small message.
  9. Soap: it is another graduation gifts for teacher that is easy to accept and sure that it will be well used, remembering that the presentation of the packaging may cause more impact than the gift itself, so remember to take care in that part.
  10. Book: if you choose to give a book to your teacher, be sure to make sure the type of literature he likes best. Of course, this will become evident throughout the year, as you will always try to encourage your students to your reading taste. To get it right, stay tuned!
  11. Music CDs: if you are sure of your teacher’s musical taste, it might be a good idea. To make it look original, how about making a collection of songs that he likes the most? But you will need to research in advance carefully so as not to show your intention, if you don’t miss the surprise.
  12. T-shirt: a good reminder is to stamp students’ hands on a white t-shirt and write the name of each student remembering the grade and year.
  13. Mug: it is another piece that has to do with the profession. If it is personalized with the teacher’s photo and a message, you are sure to be successful.
  14. Picture frame: if personalized, made by the student , even better, as it will always stand out from others. Don’t forget to date and put the name in a corner, preferably on the back.
  15. Boxes: mainly pre-school and elementary school teachers I like boxes of all kinds to store different materials in the room. You can decorate a wooden box directing your destination, for example: sharpener box, pencil box, eraser box.
  16. Tissue box: it is almost cliché to associate the figure of the teacher with tissue boxes, as they are always in contact with chalk, they end up needing to clean their hands or even on the days when the allergy they cause attacks. But this can be a great gift if you take advantage of the talents and decorate the box with papietage , stones, wood or even decorative paper.
  17. Flowers: mainly for teachers, but nothing prevents the teacher from also receiving a beautiful vase with carnations and a card. To stay original, how about decorating the vase with bright colors and messages of thanks.
  18. Candy : candy box is always a way to please without making mistakes, even if the teacher doesn’t eat chocolate, he will certainly have a son, wife or husband who will make good use of it. It will be interesting to give personality, prepare a different package or even drop the chocolates in a beautiful decorated box or basket.
  19. Thematic baskets: a great suggestion for when the group of students get together to present the teacher. There is the option of ordering a ready-made basket at specialized stores or even assembling a basket with fruits, chocolate, bath products, etc.
  20. Apple: this is the classic image of how to give a gift to the teacher: to bring a juicy, red and shiny apple. The meaning of this act, which is demonstrated in figures, drawings and films, is precisely to show gratitude and respect to this professional who makes such a difference in the lives of all people. graduation gifts for teacher!

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In this same sense, nécessaire bags are also very useful gifts for teachers.

Earrings, rings and bracelets are gifts that most women like to get. If you’ve noticed that your teacher likes these accessories, it might be a good gift idea.

If you are not sure which jewelry models to choose, how about giving it a beautiful jewelry box?

However, when did you take or see a colleague giving your teacher an apple? Do you really want to surprise your teacher? Take him a beautiful apple, without it being a special date, just deliver it, and you will see that it will make him emotional and feel the gratitude you have for him.

These are all the best end of the year gifts for sunday school students and graduation gifts for teacher.

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