10 Sympathy/Condolence Gifts for Loss of Pets – Someone Who Lost a Dog

Condolence Gifts for Loss of Pets : Losing a dog is too difficult an experience for many of us who love our pet and consider it part of the family.

The memory of everything we went through with them, all the love they gave us and their absence leave a huge hole in our hearts that will take time to heal, if at all possible. Also check gifts for parents who have lost their child

Some people want to have something that reminds us of our beloved dog, some object that talks about it and keeps it fresh in our memory. And a good way to do it is through a memorial, which can be in many ways to give a Condolence Gifts for Loss of Pets.

Condolence Gifts for Loss of Pets

Below we have 10 examples of Condolence Gifts for Loss of Pets, not for you to buy, but to give you an idea of ​​what you could give to a family member, a friend, one, or yourself, in case you recently have, or have experienced the loss of a dog loved:

1. Rainbow Bridge Lava Bracelet: $ 17.99

2. Silver bracelet with impressions on the heart:

3. Commemorative beaded bracelet: $ 22 dollars

4. “No longer by my side” bracelet: $ 14.99 dollars

5. Adjustable ring “Hug a shelter dog”: $ 12.99

6. Adjustable ring “My dog ​​is close to my heart”: $ 12.99

7. Pet Memorial Keychain – Personalized Aluminum Keychain with Bone Shaped Carabiner: $ 29.

8. Stainless steel keychain with engraved / small heart: $ 32.95.

9. Personalized sterling silver ring: $ 34 dollars.

10. Personalized engraved stone: $ 11 dollars.

If someone you know has just lost their dog, a gift like any of the above would be a nice gesture to remind your loved dog of. Also check Gifts that represent strengths

Condolence Gifts for Loss of Pets Part 2 : Dealing with the death of a pet dog is a difficult emotional process for anyone who has lost their beloved companion. Show your condolences for a friend, family member, or loved one who has experienced the loss of a dog with a gift to commemorate it. Choose a gift that commemorates the life of your friend’s dog, so that he can look at and remember his beloved pet and take comfort in his time of sadness.

Rainbow Bridge Poem Gift

To express your condolences for the loss of your loved one after the death of your pet, give him a gift with the Rainbow Bridge poem. This poem tells of a mythical and joyous place where deceased pets await their owners after death, where they later reunite with each other. Comfort your friend with a framed version of this poem, with an artist’s rendition of the envelope poem in the background. Buy a plate or a frame with your friend’s dog photo and that has the poem, so you can personalize the gift even more. Give your friend a poem-themed dog ornament for him to hang in a special place in your home to remember your pet.

Urn in memory of the dog

Buy a memorial urn for your friend to place his dog’s ashes if he has sent the pet to be cremated or a souvenir box if he has buried his dog. The urns come in porcelain, wood, or metal and can be personalized with the dog’s name and a special phrase that describes the pet. Some of these urns have a slot to put the photo of the dog. A keepsake box has urn-like features in terms of personalization and a space for the dog photo. These keepsake containers can store your dog’s favorite toys, collars or a lock of hair to remember him.

Garden stone to honor the memory of the dog

Give your friend a memorial garden stone or tombstone to remember their beloved pet. Send the stone to be engraved with the dog’s name, dates of birth and death, and a small poem or special phrase to describe the pet. Some of these stones come as simple rock forms; others are more complex. Depending on the price, memorial stones may include a personalized engraved image of the dog or a ceramic portrait attached to the stone. Includes a packet of flower seeds for your friend to plant near the stone. Memorial stones give the deceased dog owner a special way to remember their pet in a peaceful garden setting.


When purchasing a gift for someone who has recently lost a dog, personalize it to show that person that you care about them and their loss. Give her a picture frame engraved with dog paw prints and a special blessing for the owner to put up a favorite picture of their dog. Jewelry with an engraved portrait of the dog, such as a necklace or watch, is a gift that the person can keep close to their heart after loss. Donate a sum of money to a local animal shelter or dog rescue group on behalf of your friend as a special gesture to show your compassion and remember the dog, while helping save the lives of others.

Comfort Books

There are many books for children and adults that celebrate the life of a beloved dog and give comfort to the owner. One of them is Cynthia Rylant’s “Dog Heave”, a beautifully written and illustrated book that celebrates the lost pet and creates vivid images of its transition to a place of peace, love and fun in heaven. This delightful book, along with several others, can be found on Amazon.com.

ADVISE for Condolence Gifts for Loss of Pets  :

No pet can fill the void left by the loss of a beloved dog , and this sadness can last a long time. But it is necessary to understand that dogs have a very short life expectancy; therefore it is natural for death to happen. It is also normal for us to feel distressed, especially if we have shared many happy moments with him. However, it is essential to overcome it to continue our life.

What to do to overcome the loss of a dog?

When you welcome a dog, you must be aware that one day you will lose it and you need to be strong to face its loss. That doesn’t mean you don’t get attached to the animal, but feel it as a gift that has been given to you for a period of time. Feel grateful for having lived that beautiful experience.

After the death of your dog, it is common that you do not want to have another pet. You may think you will never have another dog again. But if you love animals and have felt the happiness of having a beloved dog, you will have another one again, you just have to give yourself time.

Depending on the relationship you have had, grieving for your dog may feel like a friend or family member has died . So you shouldn’t be ashamed to cry or feel sad, but you should also try to get over it.Losing a dog

What to do to overcome the death of your dog?

Condolence Gifts for Loss of Pets  #1 – Assimilate the loss

Grief or mourning has its stages and, although it is never the same, it is natural that you need some time to stop feeling sad. The first thing you should do is assume that your friend has passed away and you can do nothing . It is the natural thing in life and you will have to go through it many times. If you refuse, you will suffer much more.

Condolence Gifts for Loss of Pets  #2 – Remember it with joy

Surely your pet was happy, like all dogs, and you remember many happy moments with him. Keep these moments and remember your friend with a smile. You have been fortunate to have it with you, you have created a pure, true bond, and none of it will change. Your friend will live in your memory forever and he would not want to see you sad.

Condolence Gifts for Loss of Pets  #3 – Fire your pet

Many people choose to do a ceremony to dismiss their dog, even a funeral, there are even companies that are dedicated to it. And this is very positive, as it will help you close one stage and start another. You can bury him in the garden and plant flowers or a tree, to have your friend always close, or take him to a dog cemetery.

Condolence Gifts for Loss of Pets  #4 – Don’t rush to have another

Don’t try to heal your wound by bringing a new pet home, you better wait a while, until you feel ready. Generally, this happens naturally; a new dog will come into your life. But this does not mean that you substitute it for another. Each animal is different and has a different personality, it will be a completely new experience.

Condolence Gifts for Loss of Pets Conclusion : Have you lost your pet? Tell us the best moments you have lived with her. It will help you remember it with joy.

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