10 BEST “Birthday Gifts for Beer Lover”

Birthday gifts for beer lover : You have a friend who is a beer fan and you don’t know what to offer him? Are you tired of always offering him the same gift of beer?

No worries, this guide to birthday gifts for beer lover is there for you!

Beer is very often offered as a gift and the advantage is that you are sure to please . Be careful of course to choose well since true beer lovers will be disappointed to receive a Kronenbourg beer. But with this guide you will no longer have to worry about anything!

Finally, beer is also a product that can be shared! If your friend is friendly you even have a chance to enjoy the gift with him! You might like Quarantine birthday gift ideas.

List of Birthday gifts for beer lover :

Give a beer dispenser

Beer dispenser the perfect gift

A beer gift for what budget?

Count from 150 $ for a beer dispenser, up to 250 $ for a Perfect draft model.

Why would this gift please a beer lover?

Ah, the pleasure of having a draft beer at home without having to go out to the bar is the dream of many beer lovers  ! Likewise, offering friends to have a draft beer when they come to dinner is a real must! Also check : Long distance gifts for boyfriend.

In addition, the beer drawers offered today on the market make it very simple to draw a beer. Indeed these beer machines are practical and above all much more practical than the beer pumps used in bars.

You can buy the kegs for these beer taps directly in the trade or have them delivered by buying on the internet. These are small beer kegs of 5 to 6 liters in general.

Which model to choose?

3 major brands exist and dominate the market which we will detail below in a few words.

However to really find out more you can check out our full guide on how to choose your beer dispenser?

The Perfectdraft brand  : it is the market leader in home brewers. Manufactured by Philipps, it offers the brands of the AbInBev brewing conglomerate (Leffe, Jupiler, Hoegaarden, Kwak, Stella Artois…)

The Beertender brand . Manufactured by the French company SEB or by the German Krups it is the beer dispenser of the brand Heineken . Logically you will find Heineken but also Desperados, Fischer, Pelforth or Affligem).

Beertender beer dispenser

The Sub beer maker as a birthday gifts for beer lover . A Heineken brand beer machine . Very stylish in its design, however, this is not practical since it only contains 2L drums.

A personalized beer with Drawyourbeer

A beer gift for what budget?

From 2.05 $ HT per beer if you order 24. You can add to this the delivery costs.

You can also order less (6, 12 or 18).

Why would this gift please a beer lover?

Whether it’s Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day or just for fun, everyone will be happy to receive a personalized beer with their name.

In addition, on the draw your beer website, you have the possibility not only to personalize the name but also the message . You can then call on your best memories and make a unique beer!

In addition, different types of recipes are available on the site! If you know what type of beer your friend likes you are even more sure to please him!

Little more that we love: Beers are craft beers.

How does draw Your Beer work?

I had the opportunity to try for a friend’s wedding and I must say that the site is ultra easy to use!

First of all you have to choose your recipe . If you do not know which recipe to choose, you can simply select the discovery pack.

Then you select your label . If you know a little about design, you can send the label directly. As far as I’m concerned, I did it on the canva site which is very easy to use. Finally the drawyourbeer site also offers ready- made labels where you simply change the message.

In addition, customer service is ultra-available and will even answer you on weekends!

Finally the production is done in 7 days or in 48 hours if you are in a hurry. Do not forget to plan ahead so as not to miss the fateful date!

A beer subscription A small foam

Beer box A small foam

A beer gift for what budget? – birthday gifts for beer lover

From 19.90 $ per month for beers. Also count between 4.90 $ and 8.90 $ delivery costs per month.

Why would this gift please a beer lover?

First of all because the site of a small foam beer offers an excellent selection of beers  ! In fact, every month, 6 craft beers arrive in your mailbox as well as a guide allowing you to become a real expert.

More types of boxes are available: the “expert” selection or the “initiation” selection. The “expert” selection will be perfect for the connoisseur familiar with craft beers. The “initiation” selection will introduce you to beer, including Belgian beers, APIs and more.

In addition, the person to whom you give the gift will receive a gift from you every month for 3 months. A good excuse to come and thank you or share a beer together!

In addition you can offer the box for 6 months or 12 months could be a best birthday gifts for beer lover.

An original bottle opener

Basketball basket opener

A beer gift for what budget?

From 9.90 $ up to 49.90 $ depending on the bottle openers.

Why would this gift please a beer lover?

Ace of spades bottle opener

A bottle opener is always practical for the beer lover, especially if it is original! This will allow the lover to make his guests laugh when he opens a beer.

The bottle openers site that we recommend is an excellent site with a large selection of bottle openers, each more original than the last.

Whether you want a wall bottle opener, or a gun bottle opener that returns the capsules you should find the perfect beer gift on Amazon and will be a perfect birthday gifts for beer lover.

A Beer Advent Calendar

A beer gift for what budget?

However, remember that if the calendar is cheaper, the beers inside will probably also be.

Why would this gift please a beer lover?

A beer a day for a month  ? What beer lovers would not be satisfied with such a gift! It is probably the ultimate gift to please a craft beer lover.

For a month he will have the chance to have a surprise every day and to discover new beers every day. Nothing better to become a beer expert!

Only problem: these calendars are generally available before Christmas only … However keep your eye out because the site has a small foam already proposed during the period of Father’s Day.

How does the Beer Flavor site work?

In this case, several sites offer advent calendars around craft beer. We recommend Beer flavor and A small foam which are safe sites that manage the shipment of beer at best.

In addition to having received them, the beers are very well packaged and arrive at your home without breakage!Buy an advent calendar as a birthday gifts for beer lover.

A beer outing with the beer break

A beer gift for what budget?

From 26 $ for an outing.

Why would this gift please a beer lover?

To begin with a few explanations. The beer break website allows you to book trips around beer in Lille, Paris, Bordeaux, Brussels and Strasbourg.

These outings can be of different types: beer tasting, brewery visit, treasure hunt around beer …

In general it is an opportunity to discover beer in a city and its history.

As you know we are very attached to the history of beer. We believe this is one of the best ways to improve your beer culture.

Finally if you want to favor tasting rather than a visit it is also possible!

How does the Escape Beer site work?

You just need to reserve a gift voucher on the site for the activity of your choice. On the site you select your date, indicate your first name and it’s done! It goes without saying that we advise you to accompany the person to whom you will offer this beautiful birthday gifts for beer lover.

Likewise if you never know what to choose their gift voucher tab allows you to buy a gift voucher. The person to whom you offer this beer gift will then be free to organize their outing when they wish.

A brewing kit to learn how to brew

Beer flavor brewing kit

A beer gift for what budget?

From 65 $ to 74.90 $ (for 12 beers)Brewing kit as a birthday gifts for beer lover.

Why would this gift please a beer lover?

Namely, the patch kit consists of two elements:

– Utensils necessary for brewing (bucket, bottle, bubbler, fourquet, thermometer, etc.)

– The ingredients to make a beer (malts, hops, yeasts)

Brewing your own beer is an old student dream for many, which is finally made possible thanks to the brewing kit sold on the internet.

Indeed, these kits for making a beer at home allow you to brew beers simply and in stages by following a guide and often even a video! It is therefore almost impossible to miss while brewing this first beer.

How does the site work ?

In the case of Flavor beer the operation is very simple. The site which sells thousands of beer per year is well established and prepared for dispatch.

Teku glasses the ultimate in Beer glasses

Teku glass as a beer gift

A beer gift for what budget?

Count from 35 to 40 $ for the purchase of 6 Teku glasses.

Why would this gift please a beer lover?

Teku glasses are the special tasting glasses for craft beer.

Firstly, these are magnificent beer glasses . Secondly, these glasses are ideal for tasting beer and ideally lets the aromas overflow.

These glasses are still quite expensive because rare and expensive to produce.

For the record, it was the founder of an Italian brewery, the Baladin brewery, who created the Teku glass . Indeed Teo Musso’s first name had noticed that most of his customers served beer in wine glasses.

How does the site work ?

The easiest way is to go through Amazon, which offers unmarked Teku glasses and that would be the best birthday gifts for beer lover. 

A Beer Book

A beer gift for what budget?

From around fifteen euros you can easily find a book that will please.

Why would this gift please a beer lover?

A little reading around beer is the assurance of pleasure at a price that remains very affordable.

In addition, there are several hundred books on the subject. You will therefore have a good chance that the book has not yet been read by the person to whom you offer it.

In order to make your choice easier we recommend some of the best books on craft beer. Get your books!

Which book to choose on the subject of beer?

Business for punks book

Business for punks Brewdog. James Watt. This is probably the best book around beer and entrepreneurship. The founder of the Scottish brewery Brewdog recounts all of his adventures and how he created the Brewdog brand which is today one of the greatest successes of craft brewing.

Conclusion on birthday gifts for beer lover

It’s already the end of this selection of gifts to please a lover of craft beers. There are of course several dozen gifts and lots of ways to please. However, we have tried to select gifts that are original enough and which we think will please.

In any case, it would be a pleasure for us and you know that we are true craft beer lovers!

And you have other beer gift ideas?

Other Ideas on birthday gifts for beer lover below:

  1. What beer gifts to offer for less than 20 $?If you wish to offer a beer gift for less than 20 $ you can turn to the following gifts:
    Book Choose and buy your beer in 7 seconds
    Book Make your beer at home
  2. What original gifts for a beer fan?For an original gift for a beer fan you can turn to the following ideas:
    – Brewing kit
    – Personalized beer
    – A salon beer dispenser
    – A beer subscription
  3. What beer gift for a budget of fifty dollars?If your budget is around fifty dollars you can turn to the following gifts:
    – A beer box with a beer every month
    – A brewing kit to brew a first beer

Most of the beer lovers loves to travel a lot so if you friends is a businessman then you can check out the article on gifts for traveling businessman. If you like this post on birthday gifts for beer lover share it with your friends and support us running the website.

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