Best Birthday Gift Ideas for 85 Year Old Woman 2022

Birthday Gift Ideas for 85 Year Old Woman : Having grandparents by our side is a real gift. Who has knows what I’m talking about. After all, grandmothers are those people who make mouth-watering meals on Sundays, the most delicious afternoon coffees, which let us play with water, which allow us to eat sweets before lunch, who are always listening, no matter what you’ve done. Even though they live far away, they manage to welcome you with a giant hug and offer wise advice. But what to give as a Birthday Gift Ideas for 85 Year Old Woman ? That is the question!

The best birthday gifts for 85 year old woman is love, care and affection but how can you convert that into a best gift to show them? Here’s one more interesting read: Inexpensive gifts for a woman who has everything.

Birthday Gift Ideas for 85 Year Old Woman

Is your grandmother one of those super active people who work every day, love going to the movies, shopping, good restaurants and traveling? Well, more and more we are meeting women who become young grandparents, aged 35, 40, and for this reason, it is normal that they like to lead a more hectic lifestyle. However, it is worth remembering that not only new grandmothers can give 10 out of 25-year-old girls, huh? Many ladies love to enjoy life with their grandchildren far from crochet hooks. Also read : Gifts for the 70 year old man.

Regardless of your grandmother’s age and style, if they are modern, there are many possibilities for how to gift them. We have selected some ideas for you to know, be inspired and please your grandmother on her next birthday , Christmas or any other date. Check out the Birthday Gift Ideas for 85 Year Old Woman!

Tablet or Smartphone

Want a more modern gift than a tablet or smartphone? Make no mistake, your grandmother can also do very well with this type of technology. They will love to discover a new way of communicating with family, friends and even with you! In addition to Whatsapp, she will be able to meet several games that help to work memory and have fun in her spare time.

One tip is to ask her to buy the cell phone or tablet with you so that she can test the preferred models and choose the one she likes the most. But if you want to surprise, you will not regret it, she will like it and be thrilled! Also read : golden birthday gifts for daughter.

Just remember that this may be your grandmother’s first mobile device, so be prepared to teach all the commands so that she doesn’t get too tight when using it alone. Help her add contacts, download the most urgent apps, etc.


Many grandmothers love table games , especially those that involve playing cards. A really cool idea is to give your girl a game kit so she can have fun with you and the whole family, in addition to her friends, of course. If your grandmother is modern and jovial, she will love to gain several possibilities to entertain herself! Dominoes, ludo and chess are also games that grandmothers usually enjoy.

DVD, Book or CD

Modern grandparents love being on top of all the news, knowing new information and enjoying good movies and good music. If yours is of that type, do not hesitate to buy a book of fashion for her or any theme that she likes, such as self-help, cooking, suspense, romance, etc.

DVD’s and CD’s are also other super hot tips when it comes to giving grandmothers gifts. Whether she is a mature woman or a senior citizen, you will be able to see which artists she likes the most, or which films she is a card fan and would like to have to see any time she wants.

Make up

Does your grandmother love being cute for work, sightseeing or even for the normal day? How about giving her makeup items and helping her keep her case full of cool products? It is important for you to know what your grandmother likes to do and what her skin type is so she doesn’t look bad and she needs to change.

makeup kit for 85th birthday of grandmother

You can even give her makeup as a gift and teach her some tricks to make up for herself and use the new products correctly. It’s a way for you to show even more affection to this important person.


In addition to makeup, you can also give creams to your grandma. It can be hand cream, for the feet, for the skin of the body in general, for the face, and you can also put together a personalized kit , how about that? There are several brands that offer specific products for mature women, it is worth knowing.


perfume as 85th birthday gift for women

Our grandmothers’ perfumes are always striking. Does she need a bottle of her traditional perfume? Or would she like to meet a new fragrance? This is another cool tip that will show all your affection.


Modern grandmothers also love to always complement the look with some jewelry or even jewelry. They like to get earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings that have to do with their style, and this can be a really cool idea. Belts, bags and hats are also good tips, see?

In addition to the traditional accessories, you can invest in themed chains to give as gifts to grandma like the ones here:

Concert ticket

If your grandmother is active, she likes to go to night spots, like bars, clubs and shows , it is worth inviting her to the presentation of her favorite artist. Why not? Even if your grandmother is not used to going to this type of event, it is a good one, because then she will know something new and will mark her life forever! You can go along and call the whole family, or give the tickets so that she can call whoever she wants.


Another idea for the modern grandmothers are travel tickets, it can be by plane or by bus , what matters is that you present her with an unforgettable tour that she really wanted. It is worth combining with other family members so that you can choose the ideal location and even see who wants to participate in the trip !

gift card for grandmothers 85th birthday

Beauty salon day

A special day at the beauty salon or SPA can also make your grandma happy. Give her a voucher or take her to go with you. Want something nicer than spending a day with your grandmother taking care of yourself? Try this idea!

Birthday Gift Ideas for 85 Year Old Woman & above

If your grandmother is turning 70 or older, gift tips don’t have to be very different, everything will depend on her style and her mood. There are certain memories that please older people and so we selected some ideas that can help you in this mission. Want to see! Check the Birthday Gift Ideas for 85 Year Old Woman below. Also read : Gifts for bedridden elderly.


Gifts made by the grandchildren themselves are always the favorites of our grandmothers. Whether you are a child, teenager or adult, you always have a cool idea that you can create with materials you have at home and without spending a lot of money . It is an incredible idea for those who want to give something personalized to their grandmother and with a lot of affection involved.

We separated some gift tips for DIY grandma Birthday Gift Ideas for 85 Year Old Woman:

Photo album

Photos are always great memories and grandmothers love them! So photo albums are going to be great gifts for them, you can be sure. You can select photos in chronological order or photos from the past year, for example.

Picture frame

Continuing to talk about photos, the photo frames appear as great gift options for grandmothers . In fact, this tip is super wild and serves to gift anyone. There are stores that offer this personalized item with the theme “grandmother” and “grandfather”.

Breakfast basket

How about providing your grandma an amazing start to the day? Personalized baskets are certainly good tips for you who don’t know what to give, as they include affection , delicious food, treats and a family coffee, as everyone will want to be together at the time of delivery. Is not true?


A simple idea, but one that always captivates any woman, including grandmothers, is flowers . Choose one or several species and form a beautiful bouquet for your grandmother. It is also worth buying a delicate vase for her to put at home.

Comfortable footwear

Grandparents love comfortable shoes for walking, walking and even doing housework. Research the types of shoes that she likes best and those that are available in the market. There are several that offer greater comfort when walking and that do not hurt your feet. Running shoes and sneakers are great choices.

Religious images

If your grandmother is religious, especially Catholic , she will like to get religious images for her altar. It is worth finding out which saint she wants to have and giving her that memory.

Personalized gifts

There are many interesting ideas for personalized gifts for grandparents. Many companies specializing in this field offer different products to make your grandmother happier on her birthday, Christmas, wedding, etc. You can give a mug, pillow , slipper, etc.

Home appliances

If your budget is bigger, consider giving an appliance that your grandmother has been needing or wanting for a long time. Wouldn’t she like a deep fryer? Or a new microwave oven? Try to find that out and guarantee her happiness with a super Birthday Gift Ideas for 85 Year Old Woman!

What did you think of our tips? Really giving a gift to grandma or Birthday Gift Ideas for 85 Year Old Woman requires some sensitivity and even “research” about what she needs or wants very much. But one thing is a fact: any memories you give her and a special date will be an incredible gift! Be sure to make this gesture of love for someone who has done a lot for you!

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