Best Real Estate Closing Gifts for Sellers, Agents & Buyers – Thank you gifts

Real estate closing gifts : Is it compulsory to give your Realtor a gift after closing? No, not really. REALTORS® and other real estate agents rarely receive gifts at closing. It is not that your efforts are not appreciated by your customers, it is that most home sellers and buyers are too busy moving after closing to think about delivering Realtor’s closing gifts. The odds are likely that REALTORS® will receive a thank you gift for one in 10 transactions.

real estate closing gifts for clients

I am always pleasantly surprised when a customer sends me a gift after closing, because it is not expected; however, it is very much appreciated. Other realtors feel the same way, believe me.

Now, if you’re wondering what kind of gift to send your REALTOR® that will adequately reflect your gratitude, here are my top 10 closing gift suggestions. The first gift – and I can speak for all REALTORS® – is absolutely the most welcome and appreciated gift from a customer, in addition to not costing a red cent.

Best Real Estate Closing Gifts for Sellers

1. References and Comments

The reason that real estate agents don’t turn into wonders of success and crawl to die somewhere is because they receive referrals and reviews from satisfied customers. Referrals are the backbone of an agent’s business. Without references, agents are scratching the dirt for customers. If you found value with your agent’s services, pass it on. References are the gold standard for gifts.

The same goes for posting a positive review online for your realtor. It is the gift that continues to give long after your transaction has closed. Visit your agent’s Google Business Page, Yelp, Zillow or Facebook and post a good review of your experience. Agents want this more than almost anything except a reference.

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2. Gift baskets

Buy a gift basket as a real estate closing gifts for sellers and buyers.

Agents rarely have time for meals. If anything is put on the back burner doing a busy day, it’s food. Gourmet gift baskets are a mix of edible delights, such as nuts, crackers, cheeses, cookies, fruits, sweets, chocolate, baked goods and much more.

3. Gift certificates

Buy a $ 50 gift card as a thank you gifts for real estate closing.

Problems selecting a perfect closing gift from REALTOR®? Try gift certificates! These are available in almost all denominations and can be issued at online stores or retail equipment, such as music stores, department stores, bookstores, gas stations or local restaurants. Restaurants are an excellent choice because not all agents are lucky enough to have a spouse to prepare dinner for them.

4. Flowers

Buy a dozen tulips with vase

Everyone loves flowers. Especially when delivery is unexpected. The options are plentiful, from boxed roses to seasonal floral bouquets arranged in exclusive pots for exotic plants such as miniature palm trees or bonsai. Best of all, they can be delivered to you on the same day ordered.

5. Spice and condiment sets

Buy spices as a closing gift for real estate buyers and agents.

Quality spices, herbs and special spices, such as hot Caribbean sauces or barbecue sauces, are curious about Realtor who close gifts to receive because they are useful and unique.

After your agent, fresh samples, quality gourmet spices, obsolete dog marks will never hold a candle for your gift.

6. Wines

Buy the Cabernet Sauvignon gift set with two bottles

If your Realtor likes wine tasting and fine wines, a bottle of wine is a perfect and perfect gift. Some excellent selections include ports in Portugal, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, South Rhone, California Cabernet, Italian Pinot Grigio or Australian Shiraz. If avoiding alcohol, consider tea or coffee gift sets.

7. Toys and jewelry

Personalized silver money clip for men

OK, no one will ever give me a diamond tennis bracelet, nor do I expect anything so fancy, but pins, pins, charms or sliders are appropriate. Men also like jewelry. Choose between cuff buttons for key chains and money clips. Also, consider jacks or jewelry boxes.

8. Digital photo frames

Buy a digital photo frame for the buyers and sellers after closing the deal in real estate.

For your technological real estate agent. It is not just the common framework. Digital picture frames contain built-in memory that contains dozens of digital photographs and can be configured to display them in a slide show. Battery adapter or plug-in. My husband liked this idea so much that he bought one for me.

9. Personalized engraved gifts

Buy a personalized engraved business card

You can engrave or monogram a wide variety of items suitable for closing gifts from Realtor, from candle sets to pens for table clocks or coffee mugs. Some catchy phrases are: “For my favorite realtor”, “Thanks for selling my house” or “Without [insert name], I would be homeless”.

10. Collectors

Buy Cat Figurines as a real estate closing thank you gifts.

If you know that your Realtor has a passion for a particular hobby or interest, a figurine, sculpture, print or novelty item reflecting that hobby or interest would show personal consideration. For example, in case any of my clients are reading this, I collect miniature cats (figurines, not live) and would be thrilled to receive such appreciation.

Best Real Estate Closing Gifts for Buyers

That is why pens are usually the most common gifts. Everyone always needs one at different times. But doing something unusual and different helps even more to be valued and recommended. The realtor has many options for gifts that he can give to clients. See 10 ideas that are useful, strategic and valued by people.

1 – Promote your first dinner

Right after the move, boxes and more boxes pile up until everything is in place. Separating dishes and cutlery and cooking can be a big challenge for those who have just arrived in a new place. Find out which type of cuisine is preferred by customers. You can provide the first dinner at the house by giving away a meal for delivery or taking the family to a good restaurant in the neighborhood. To make it easier, you can use some websites and apps that suggest restaurants based on location. Brokers can consult iFood or Orders Now for deliveries . The two list the establishments that deliver to the region where the person is. If you are looking for the ideal place for your first meal with your customers, Foursquareand Kekanto are two tools that serve as a guide based on consumer ratings.

2 – Hire a professional to help with cleaning

If possible, call a professional to help clean the property that people are leaving and the property they are going to. Usually those who are moving are concerned with cleaning everything. When arriving at a property, people want to take their objects to a place that is free of dirt, which will make it easier to unpack everything. Two sites that make it easy to find professionals who can help with cleaning are GetNinjas and Parafuzo . GetNinjas also helps in the search for other services. The real estate market can take advantage of this facility to make life easier for customers. The video below explains how the GetNinjas service works. [/ embed]  3 – Treat yourself with useful household items … A new set of glasses, plates or cutlery will delight the residents of the property. Despite seeming a detail, these gifts used in daily life already give an air of a new phase in life. Utensils are not expensive and even if people already have them, they never think too much. It is certain that customers will love it.

4 – buy a personal gift that means something special

Do you know your client well? Do you know what he likes and feel safe leaving something more personal in the property he is arriving at? Give him an object of his taste. A picture in the living room or the shirt of the football team that the family supports.

5 – Indicate partners that can help with the decoration of the house

If you have a partnership with architects, designers or decorators, introduce them to your customers. If possible, still negotiate discounts. By doing this, you will strengthen relations with both sides. Do not forget that usually those who move are willing to give a new face to the property.   

Find out how the broker manages customer loyalty

6 – Assist with some part of the reform

Ask the customer what he intends to do with the property. If it is planned to carry out a reform, offer any of the services or contribute with the payment of part of the labor. You can help with a lot of things like painting, removing walls, changing doors, locks and windows.

7 – Join a club

If your neighborhood has a club with which you can join, it is a good idea to try some kind of partnership with the local so that you can make “awards” to your customers for a certain time, for example. Another type of association that is attracting attention is the subscription clubs. They work like this: the customer pays a monthly fee to receive products that make his life easier or that are of personal taste. There are already several subscription clubs of all types. You can offer a year of subscription, for example. Meet some and see which type you could be the most interesting for your customers: Hisnek – each month people receive a box of healthy snacks. The products that come in the box change every month. ClubW- every month subscribers receive bottles of wine. The type of wine and the number of bottles varies according to the plan chosen by the customers. Petitebox – this subscription club sends boxes with baby products. They are items to help fathers and mothers and toys to distract children. [/ embed] Glambox – the female audience is the focus of this subscription club. The boxes are shipped every month with different beauty products.

8 -Don’t forget birthdays

In order not to get lost, it is worth making a list or even finding platforms that automatically send customers’ birthdays. It may be a simple gesture, but it will be of great value to anyone who receives the message.

9 – Buy the coolest product just launched for the home

Regardless of the sector, the market is renewed every day and it is no different with household items. Analyze your customer portfolio and from time to time please the person who closed a good purchase with you. Buying a product that has been launched or even placing it as a prize for some action, will be something that can mark you in a positive way.

10 – Invite to shares in the real estate  

Although it is not yet very common, it is possible that you will revolutionize the market accordingly. Providing experiences to consumers is one of the best ways to build brand loyalty. Therefore, whenever you have the opportunity, take actions inside the real estate, to pass even more intimacy and reliability to the consumer, even after closing the transaction. Do you give gifts to your real estate customers after closing the deal? How do you relate to them after closing a deal? Tell us!

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Best Real Estate Closing Gifts for Agents

Simple gifts

Even for the low cost, they are the most common today in real estate. Generally used as a way to please the first contact, for that customer who is in doubt and still needs confidence. Pens, key chains, flash drives and T-shirts are part of this niche. This type of treat can even be a form of advertising, since it takes the name of the real estate company. But think of something useful, that the person can really use.


Giving a bath set, bowls or a nice ornament for the new home is a kindness that delights many customers. The thrill of buying a home is even more complete and you will certainly be remembered for future business or referrals. If you think of something personalized, then it is even better. What does that person like? How is her style? Give a targeted gift and ensure a better return.

More expensive products

Depending on the value of the deal, it is worth giving a more substantial gift. A person who has purchased R $ 3 million coverage may even be embarrassed to receive a locksmith. Think of an electronic device, television, wine cellar or even a cell phone. Surprise the buyer.

Lunch or dinner

Inviting the client and his family to lunch or dinner as a way to thank the good relationship shows education and concern for each other. Think of a good restaurant that is close to the new house and take the time to talk about the neighborhood and what it can find nearby.

Commemorative dates

Making a calendar and gifting customers on some dates helps to be remembered always. For Christmas, for example, send a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates or a basket. Don’t forget the person’s birthday and, again, give a useful and meaningful gift that arouses the feeling of gratitude.

Real estate events

Will your company complete a decade? Why not select some customers and gather them for a celebration with employees? This attitude shows that they also contributed to your success and you want to share that. Offer the party and souvenirs to mark the date. Do this on other important occasions for real estate.

Other Real Estate Thank you Gifts

  • Bath set;
  • Home decorations;
  • Bowls;
  • Cutlery set;
  • Bedding set;
  • Among others
  • Locksmith;
  • House-shaped mini-safe;
  • Personalized mug;
  • Fridge magnet;
  • Personalized pen;
  • Among others.
  • SMS with birthday message;
  • Personalized card delivered to the residence;
  • Easter egg (on date);
  • Panettone (Christmas);
  • Breakfast basket;
  • Wine;
  • Box of chocolates.

What You Need To Know About Closing Gifts

Current customers who are home buyers and sellers can help you generate a lot of business in the future. It is common for real estate agents to give a closing gift to their clients when selling a home. The gift celebrates the end of the process of finding a home or selling a home, and can help encourage a long-term relationship with your customers. This relationship can lead to repetitive business and recommendations in the years to come.

Preferences and dislikes

You can learn a lot about your customers while driving around the neighborhoods to look at houses. Casual conversations can reveal places and things your customer likes, such as their favorite restaurant, current spa, and favorite clothing store. Giving them a gift reminiscent of a conversation you had also confirms to them that you are listening, and that you care enough to buy them a gift that has meaning and value. This reflection tells the client that it is not just a paycheck, which increases the likelihood that they will recommend you to their friends and that they call you the next time they want to move.

Long shelf life

Maximize the positive impact you have had on your customers by offering them a gift that will last for many years . Gift baskets, flowers and even a subscription to fruit baskets will be finished and gone in no time. However, household items, such as engraved wine glasses, cutlery or dishes, are likely to be kept for many years. In addition, the owners will think of you each time they use the gift. You can also get creative – a framed reproduction of an old map of the city where the customer moves in is both fun and memorable.

Lasting impression

It’s your job as a real estate agent to make sure your client will never forget you. Staying in the minds of clients means there is a better chance of being called upon to help them find their next home. A longer gift of closure can help you accomplish this. For example, if your customers live in the Midwest, a snowblower can be a useful and unique gift – you will be remembered every time it snows. Likewise, if the house has a swimming pool, consider giving monogrammed towels for the pool, a pool cleaning service, or even a new barbecue. If you know buyers are considering adopting a dog or cat, then a gift certificate at the local shelter can make you the family hero.

Follow up on customers

Stay organized , which can help you track client success throughout your career as a real estate agent. With the houses, prices and neighborhoods that customers have chosen, you can document the number of repeat transactions you have had and each time a buyer and seller recommended you to a friend or family member . Plus, organizational apps are an easy way to record closing gifts you’ve given to your customers that have been everyone’s favorite.

These are all the bulk list of real estate closing gifts for buyers, sellers, agents and thank you gifts.

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